Add PvP servers with max 4-5 clan members

“Rent a server” is not a valid follow-up suggestion to this thread.
I think this would balance out servers to a large degree.
Though there’s isn’t any alliance functionality a change like this would probably encourage just that.

Given that the max amount of players are 40, I just think 10 players per clan is way too much.

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So a server-bound limit of clan roster would be 4-5 members. This is merely about server-bound clan size quotas and not the restriction of whole clans, yes?

This is just silly. Find a larger server if the clan size is too much for you. There are larger servers.

This would solve nothing. I would just bring my other members into a chat, share resources and do exactly the same thing. Maybe even leave doors open or secret ways for the rest of my clan to get in like underwater hatches or any number of tricks.

I am talking about additional PvP servers where the server setting “CLAN MAX SIZE” is half of what it is today.

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I meant that if my clan has 8 individuals in it, do only 5 of us have the ability to participate in those servers at a time - or - are we all instead simply unable to enter coz our clan size is 8 already?

I am simply talking about having servers with reduced clan max size.

I think you are describing some kind of limit on how many clan members can be online at the same time.
Which I do not believe the servers support.

So if your clan had 8 members, you’d have to kick 3 out in my case.

This answers my question.

I’d prefer not to kick anyone just to attend a specific server. I’d be willing to divide our roster between servers, in some cases, but if I had my way, we would all be in the same server so we can, as together, have fun playing with each other. However, I wouldn’t say no to these servers. These would cater to some individuals and clans, just not for me and mine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Agreed, 5 members for a server of 40 is the only acceptable amount on a official server. Game, set, match this man has won. Now funcom get to work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just incase they see this, love you funcom💞

And to clarify, this is an addition to existing servers, not like I want this as a standard for all PvP servers.

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