Lets address the elephant in the room.(mayhem servers and clan size)

@Jens_Erik let me get this straight, you’re removing pvp mayhem servers and leaving clan limit to 20 people while total server capacity to 40 players right?

Doesn’t that seem a bit off? or a bit odd whatever makes more sense since english is not my native language.

And for something else…
Could we just get 2 mayhems for geo zone (usa, south usa, oceania, asia, europe)? Would funcom go broke because of 10 servers with that setup? Or maybe just 1 per zone (making 5 servers total) and we wait for 1st anniversary to see the stats on those and then turning them off in case population isn’t worth the effort?

Thank you for your time.

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Where did you get the clan limit number from?

to 10 as i know


Q: How many can we have in a clan?
A: We’re only allowing 10 players to a clan on a server.

and i try to discuss this with Jens, he say that 30 “that’s wrong and we’ll change it”

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For official servers we will limit clans to 10 people per clan.


why such a decision was made?


What in the holy hell are you doing? Setting clan size to 10 after it has been higher for so long? You are wrecking my clan!


Why not look at Private servers as a viable option? There are a number of very old and cool servers that might suit your needs. Good communities, experienced players, plus admins are usually very active. I say you guys have enought time from now till launch to find a good server, these servers can go as high as 70 slots.

Instead of talking of what will be a inevitable change, look for a new server. This weekend will be key, as an admin server I tend to do events and since the reality is that I may be forced to wipe I’m doing something special this weekend. I’m sure other admins are doing something similar. Check the dedicated server category here, talk to admins and to their players.


Because one clan taking up an entire server is stupid. Thats why.


And 10 pers is 25% of a server so its abit hie to.

and after 8th it will be 3 ‘new’ clans which ‘taking up an entire server’
it is stupid :smiley:


Thanks for the official word!

Exactly, already splitting my clan to run as multiple and we will share an entire area instead of a single base.

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Thanks, I missed the news that you lowered clan numbers.

Yeah like “??? / taste” so-called “father / son” clans. Another reason for people to boast in chat, right? :smile:

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Well this news make me very happy! :+1:


It seems you’ve been a proponent of small clan sizes for a long time now. Please tell me why, exactly?

Why is a clan size of 20 so unreasonable to you? Especially since the number of active clan members on at any give time for a clan of 20 is really only 5-8 players! If I wanted to solo this game I’d play in single player mode! I like being in a large clan because it means that even if 10 of the guys in the clan aren’t that active, I still have some folks I can interact with while I’m playing.

At 10 player max is not only artificial, counter-intuitive, and unfair… it’s also going to force the map to be littered with clan structures, which could be avoided by having a larger clan size.

For the love of Crom, please set the clan max size to 20.

No but make some server whit 20 and unlimit clancise is the way to go. Its a balanseing thing to prevent the alfaclan syndrom. When you have a rfeal life clan (or what reason for the formation) whit 3-5 mebler will a 11+ clan just be a pain and dont bring anything to the game!

do you really need 40 people to babysit you?

10 is MORE than enough.