Reduce clan size to 4 and hide player name plates during pvp

10vs1 is not fun and in no way fairplay. There is a discord group of 12-16 people jumping from server to server wiping servers withing a week. I wouldn’t call this pvp. It’s a joke and a waste of time.
I suggest reducing the clan max size to 4 and hiding player name plates/tags during pvp so no “alliances” between the same discord group members happen.
I want to enjoy pvp but as a solo player it’s just a bad experience, unbalanced and ridiculous.
From my bad pvp experience, a clan of 10 and another one of 4 joined the server. They start making threats on global chat, boasting how good they are. Within a day, they have hundreds of bombs and with each passing week 1-2 low tier clans leave server. In a week server has 2 players online.
There was no “good fight” or “gg”. Just a bad experience.
Most rpgs have party size between 4-6, because some games have roles defined like tank and healer, but it’s usually 4. Why can’t Conan Exiles fall into that model and promote balanced gameplay for once?
Moba games have 5v5.
Fps like CoD and pubg have quad teams at most in open world pvp environments.
Most competitive games take group size seriously to offer a fair and balanced pvp experience.
I hope something is done for the sake of balance.

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Don’t hold your breath if your goal is to fully enjoy the PvP experience on official servers unless you intend to join a group like you have mentioned or you meta game the crap out of CE as a single player.

Your best bet is finding a good private PvP community that has a stable server.

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If you’re telling me that pvp is only for those that have 8-9 friends, that’s just bad game design and it should change so more people can enjoy pvp.
Nowhere does it say that pvp servers are only for 10v10.

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Dude, I totally agree. All I am saying is don’t hold your breath if you expect official PvP servers to get any better, especially for the solo player.

I am telling you out of my CE experience that your best bet is finding a private server to fully enjoy the PvP experience.

I wrote an essay regarding the perceived unfairness of PvP some time ago. My main point was that PvP in Conan Exiles is not, and is not intended to be, “fair”. Those with more time, or more friends, or more skill, will come on top.

This isn’t a role-playing game with an artificial party cap of 4 or 6 (which is silly anyway - if there are seven playable characters in a game, why do I need to leave one home while I go dungeon-crawling?), this is a survival game with an artificial clan size cap of 10. And of course it’s possible for clans to “ally” against other clans.

That’s how this sandbox is meant to be played. The strong bully the weak. If you’re outnumbered, you need to outwit your opponents if you wish to prevail. There’s no point asking that you should be given a fair chance in a pitched battle against ten people.

I understand that’s not a design philosophy that appeals to everyone. If that’s not the kind of PvP you want to play, then maybe this game’s PvP isn’t designed for you. My personal choice is to play Single-Player.

(Curiously, it’s never the people on the winning team who complain that PvP is unfair.)


It’s funny because not long ago 10-player clans complained that pvp servers are empty and they have noone to compete against. I wonder why?

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I completely agree with Kapoteeni. The PVP system fits perfectly the savage world of Conan Exiles. And this is an opinion of someone that’s been playing mostly Single Player since day one of early access, not some big clan member.

Last year I decided to go online, jumping directly in the deep on a PVP official server, I was curious to give it a try. I played alone for a few hours a week. The server I chose had 1 large clan (about 8 people I think), a small one of a couple of players and another lone wolf like me. I knew I had no chance just rushing head on into their bases, so I traveled mostly at night dressed in dark-dyed armor, backstabbing solo harvesters or wounded fighters. I also did not build a base, captured no thralls, just put the placeables I needed in obscure locations.

The others on the server never found my “base” nor got to kill me, but I slashed a few throats and bombed a few walls. It was a great thrill. I felt victorious, even though I’d never get to wipe them off the map. Eventually I decided to escape the exiled lands, because I had no time to go online often enough to keep my placeables from decaying. It was the decay system, not the PVP, that made me go back offline.


I don’t understand your point of view. Would a lower cap on clan size prevent you from doing the same thing?

If it was changed to 4 I don’t see what it would change though. They just group up and raid as 2 teams instead as 1.

The issue is the players not the system. Soloing on any game as has you at a disadvantage.

1 vs x is coming back, stay tuned.

Easiest solution is to rent your own server and do it yourself. Don’t ask others to do something you’re unwilling to do yourself. That’s your golden rule for the day.

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The point of view was, as Kapoteeni said, that PVP in Conan Exiles is not meant to be fair. Finding a way to beat the unfair odds against you is part of the system. This isn’t duel at dawn, it’s a struggle for survival in a barbaric world.

However PvP players are the reason mounted combat is being nerfed so the PvP isn’t meant to be fair argument doesn’t hold water. So you made yourself & @Kapoteeni look bad when you say bull like that.

Most players do that by…using every exploit under the sun, including undermeshing. That’s the ecosystem that players created with your logic and that’s why this game pvp will always be in a poor state :rofl: .
I’ll stop playing pvp servers until this is adressed. 10v1 is unrealistic and unbalanced.

A better idea would be if Funcom repurposed some of the pvp servers which have 0 players anyway, and make them no-clan servers where players can 1v1. No player name tags, no name plates. That would make pvp become an attraction and get more players involved. There’s so many solo players that want to pvp, you have no idea.

As for private servers, “It’s my server and if you beat me you get banned” mentality at large.


Yeah, cheaters ruin it for all :frowning_face: By “unfair” of course I did not mean cheating. It makes perfect sense you wouldn’t play on a server where people cheat. But your topic wasn’t about cheating.

I think whatever limitations you propose, PVPers will find a way to work around them. No name tags - OK, let’s meet at a specific place and form the clan with whoever knows about the meeting. No clans at all - OK, let’s all attack the same person anyway, there will be some friendly fire, but that lone dude will die anyway.

Fewer limitations = more creativity. I like that about Conan Exiles.

Mounted combat is probably being nerfed because Funcom feel bad for your sorry whining bottom. Or maybe it has other flaws.

But it’s your own fault if you did not consider your position before engaging. Why did you attack in an open field where cavalry can totally wipe you? What can mounts do to you if you are on a cliff or something? Why didn’t you lead them into an area where you’ve prepared traps?

If somebody has led you into such a bloodbath, they’ve outsmarted you. Sorry.

(by “you” I don’t mean specifically you Starbuck1771)

Honestly that’s meta now a days… numbers with thralls and horses, I remember the days where 2 people can body a clan of 10 depending on the skill

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Mounted combat is being nerfed because “PVP isn’t meant to be fair” is not quite the same as “it’s okay to have horribly unbalanced game mechanics” :slight_smile:

I like @Kapoteeni’s essay, it’s very well written and thought out, but it doesn’t address every single aspect of PVP balancing. That, by the way, is no criticism towards him. He set out to discuss a specific subset of complaints on the forums and did a great job. I believe his essay was never meant to be taken to extremes and used to argue that there’s no need to balance PVP because it’s not meant to be fair.

While I agree that PVP in Conan Exiles is not meant to fair, it’s still supposed to be fun. To achieve that, there has to be a certain balance. Funcom has arguably been struggling with that balance since the very beginning.

The perennial problem with PVP is not that it has a meta, it’s that it has the meta. No PVP game is fun when there’s only one good way to do things and everyone has to follow that way. In game theory terms, the very minimum of balance a PVP game should have is to avoid having a strictly dominant strategy.

Mounted combat is a strictly dominant strategy in Conan Exiles PVP. That’s why it’s being nerfed.

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and used to argue that there’s no need to balance PVP

Where did I say that? I said I don’t know what the reason is for nerfing mounted combat. If it has flaws, they should of course be corrected.

My point was from the start of this topic that introducing limitations to make PVP more like a duel won’t solve much. For that you have the banner system where you opt-in to participate, right? Or that’s gone from the game now?

Off topic, but since mounted combat seems to be a hot discussion, I’d like to add a few things about it. I have no idea what kind of nerfing is about to be implemented, but I hope it won’t be something stupid like reducing horse rundown damage. If you get run down by an armored battle horse you’d be lucky to be alive. To balance this PVP sutiation, I’d say new placeables should be introduced. Something like big spikes that you carry around and can quickly place. Then if a horse gets impaled, it dies. Or maybe digging small holes in the ground, which will make the rider fall off the horse. This should give footmen a chance. Or something similar. Turn to history for better ideas. But making a footman resist horse impact because it’s unfair is not right for this game.

I saw here on the forums complains from the other side as well. Someone was not happy with the new stamina system and how if you are wearing heavy armor and get thrown off your horse, it’s a death sentence. Well, historically again, when that happened to a knight, it was a death sentence.

I’m not against balancing PVP, but the proposed solution in this topic of introducing stricter artificial limitations is not the way to go. Some combat situations are unfair and players should be given the tools to find a creative way out of them. Not limit or remove these unfair situations. We’ll end up playing chess if we go down that road.

Fewer limitations, more placeables (traps, etc), more creativity. It’s exactly how you said it CodeMage - there shouldn’t be one dominant strategy. But artificially nerfing the dominant system won’t help much. It’s better to introduce new systems and each should counter some other system.

The battlefield should be an unfair (not unbalanced or buggy) mess. It’s fun. And developers shouldn’t introduce one new system that becomes dominant and then scramble to nerf it. They should introduce two countering systems at the same time.

Please, guys, don’t demand from Funcom limitations or adjustments of the parameters of a single system. It won’t help much as long as there is no counter-system. There’s no magic number that will make it all perfect (except maybe 42 :slight_smile: ). Demand new content instead, demand counter-measures. Variety brings natural balance. RR out :vulcan_salute:

agreed but how ever which i play pvp on lots of games and others say that to but people will still complain because first the x will beat them because its not their play style and they have a way to counters but they did not bring it with them and still want it gone because it hurts thier play style. which in pvp you should never have a play style because that’s what gets you killed you should adapt to the environment around you to succeed plain and simple