Suggestion for Official servers!

Hey so i think official servers are currently low on the amount of people that can enter and i feel clans should be maybe 15 per clan, feel that having a limit of 40 players at one time makes it almost impossible for players that may be new or just joining the server to set up dont get a chance, mainly on PvP servers when you have 2 or 3 clans during raid time blowing the life out of eachother. maybe if the servers can handle it make it 80 players and 15 per clan so that more people can get in and larger groups of friends can actually play together in the same clan

The servers originally were set for 70 players, and I think clan size was 20?
It was found that the amount of information passed between client and server caused a lot of lag issues at those levels so player numbers were lowered to 40

If I recall correctly I believe someone estimated one players character information in Conan is the equivalent of something like 10 characters? in a game with lower resolution characters like Arf or Valcrime, not sure on that number but I know its more than you’d expect.

but wouldnt that be down to optimisation, which if done correctly could resolve a lot of issues to current day, just seems like the focus currently is on Siptah and the expansions for it where as for example Exiled lands is left in a stagnant state barring the hotfixes. i hope these will be looked into though think it would help the games playerbase grow, they also need to do more on anti-cheat, clearly they have no worked with Battle-eye to fix the issue of being able to turn it off for official servers ect it allows for these cheaters and exploiters to have 5 mins per session before being booted but wont be banned so they just repeat the process

I was just relaying that the server limit was higher at one point, and why it was lowered.

I agree the game needs more optimization, and better anti-cheat.

My opinion is that the cheat factor is the reason for the player base fluctuations.


100% agree. Once cheaters were wiped on my server it’s been booming, and I’ve seen many an avid player rage quit the game after dealing with cheaters on PvP servers.


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