Limit server hoping/ limit # of ppl to a server

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Performance

Limit people to 1 character per PvP, PVE, CONFLICT. I had a file with over 300hrs and now I cant get in bc of New people geting into the lobby or old players server hoping it should b that if u make a pve file on 1 server and make a new pve file on another server it will erase the old 1 but not ur PvP file

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.limit # of server hopping
2.limit # of player in server 40 only even if a player logs out that 40 mark is still intact

You do realize there are waaaay too many players in this game for this to work as intended, right? Your idea would work better on a private server. That is what they are there for. Passcodes and such exist to keep overflow out. Official servers are meant for the entire Conan community, not just 40 people from it. There are thousands and thousands of players, sometimes you just have to wait. Or try playing on multiple servers with a different character build.

Thats what I mean tho some ppl cant afford to pay for private servers plus they can do it they have the servers for it what this does is stop ppl from having multiple accounts opening spots for other players 1 server use per up address if everyone is playing and I have 10 accounts 9 get eliminated as 1 stays making it availiable 24/7 as a server I.T. I know they can

People do not have multiple accounts (Im making a huge assumption here that we are lacking duel boxers) ANYWAY, people have multiple characters. As an IT person such as your self I would hope you would understand that these multiple characters on the same account cannot be accessed at the same time and are in no way taking anyones space in on or around a server. If I go to your server right now and make an account you wont notice a thing unless im actively playing it in which case I would have every right to play it. Your player account equates to about 400KBs of data that isnt even read until your computer attempts to connect to the server in which you have an account. Limiting the entire game to 1 character per server type just becomes an inconvenience and is 100% unnecessary as it effects nothing relating to your argument.

Yes it does if there is 40 limit to lets say server 3500 and those 40 ppl leave that server to sleep or eat act and 40 new players join that server the orignal 40 wont b able to play that server even tho they spent countless hrs working on that server to build a charcter buildings progress and the 40 orignal players cant get on bc of the aditional 40 others r playing ur forced to wait hrs even sometimes days b4 u get back on that server leaving u to either abandon that server for a new 1 only for it to happen again or just as bad blocking someone else on another server bc u couldnt get on the 1 u started with its server hopping without gaining any progress only for it to happen again leaving other players frustrated and makes some not want to play online making it boring

So yes u could have 80 players or more on a single server only to allow 40 to play leaving the other 40 out

So ya me being IT I can tell u this if u have internet at home and u have 4 ppl in house but only 2 can be on internet at a time what do u do tell the other 2 stay off the internet no u would get an additional separate connection allowing 2 ppl on now u have 2 servers for 2 ppl each server if 1 wants to switch to the other they have to delete there old progress to join a different 1 so it frees the spot so ya u can do it

If 80 people made a character on a server it would still not impact a server drastically. Yes there is a 40 player limit and yes it can be capped where you have to wait but the odds of all these people logging it at the same time are slim. This is only known on popular servers and only at peak hours. This is of course beside the point. What you are saying is to limit us to one character. So what happens when our server gets populated and we cannot log into our ONE character? Delete and start over on another server? No, you make a toon and play around on another server for a few hours. Maybe you find something you like better, maybe not.

so players are hooking up more than computer or own more than 1 playstation are creating accounts activating playstation plus buying the game on every system just to lock players out sounds a bit far fetched why not just go make friends here on the forum and get into a private server.

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My solution is that it wont get populated past the orignal 40 if 40 ppl join a server no one else can access that server but the orignal 40 and yes I’m saying u only get 1 character per title 1 for PvP 1 for PvE and 1 for conflict make a person allowed 3 characters total just different styles. However if u want to move ur pve character to another server ya ud have to start over however it leaves an open spot from the last server. As for ur over populated talk yes I had to abandon 1 server after I spent over 300hrs on bc I could get on it for over 2 weeks not once but 4 time on different servers so no it’s not by chance and it happens alot

I’m not locking anyone out if I made friends on server 3500 and played with 12 ppl out of the 40 spent countless hrs building and farming and raiding and me and 3 others out of the 12 cant get back into that server for days even weeks bc as others log off and new ppl log in but now we cant get back into the server we spent countless hrs playing just to get thrown away hows that fair to the players do we have to just say o well all the that time an effort was worthless only to start over again 5 more time only to say forget this game no its not

Oh ok that makes more sense. OK as of 2018 there was 1.4million copies of CE “sold” so Funcom needs to purchase 140,000 servers (35,000 per game type;pvp/pve/pve-c) to cover that. But wait, whats the count up to now a whole year later and then with free weekends/months promotions? So we are looking at $2million in server fees at the 2018 benchmark cutting into their 1 billion in profits that is divided by staff, attorneys, advertising, growth, any possibility of quality dlc and more ( I make mobiles games and mods for fallout so I have NO idea what the costs are to run to studio over ONE employeebecause my costs are NONE). But yeah great idea, just cut the sallery back a bit on these greedy developers and we got a plan!

Note the sarcasm above, Funcom; you are doing great and I in no way think you are greedy -We know greed -EA GAmes, Bethesda! yeah lookin at you guys-


Wen I say accounts I’m not talking about PlayStation account I’m talking about character accounts u can make as many characters as u want 1 per server like pve I can have 5 characters in that but its not going to make it any good if I cant play them bc 40 players per server if I log out leaving 39 out of 40 and some jumps in after I leave next day I get on it’ll say full now I have to go to another server only to start over

The server resets daily dude there is no possibility you can be forced to go days without logging in you are exaggerating for the sake of arguing. And Im done. The server that i play caps out everyday and everyday after dinner I go to log in and its full. I hit refresh every couple of mins and when it hits 39 i pounce. Patience is a virtue. Or we can act entitled and demand more servers.


And what do u think renting a server is for o thats right micro transactions that CE micrcotransations is renting out servers do u know what happens to servers that only allow a limit so we have 40 per server but a total of 400 characters are built on that server now u have 400 ppl building on that 1 server what happens wen u start building game has to regenerate materials now u have ppl building over top of material areas that were suppose to spawn game cant regenerate there now u have buildings everywere its like trying to build 1000 swords at once or dup items at a large rate what happens o that’s right server crashes making it unplayable now u have to fix that server loss in ppls progress items money hard work now they have another problem purchased item with real money lost now they have to give that back to players if it becomes a problem aka vault 76 as server repair IT I can say yes it would b cheaper to buy a few more servers

I bout this game wen it came out and no I’m not making this up if the servers reset I wouldnt have a character on a server for more than a day

Ouch. My head now hurts.

Nitrado and GPortal rent out the servers, not Funcom directly.

The servers reset, not progress. The server resets daiky to prevent continued lag, if there is any, to prevent people from idling in the game without ever playing, and probably a few other reasons. And they are all on a schedule to reset unless Funcom resets them. And that is OFFICIAL servers held by Funcom directly, not Nitrado or GPortal servers that are reset at the Host/Hostess’ discretion.

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