Devs please consider allowing players to have multiple characters on one server

Now that I have hit level 60, myself and pretty every conan player I know would absolutely LOVE the option to have multiple characters per server to better explore themes in the game. I know you can switch stats around, but I would love to have a 2nd dedicated thief-archer or Red Sonja type character to explore Conan with.


Buy another account- poof extra character, problem solved.

I like the idea of a 2nd character slot or multiple saves on the single player.

On a server, I would prefer 1 character per server. I think it fits better.

This is a company who was ok with people buying more copies of a game they have all so they can get a dlc sword that’s only available to people who buy a physical copy, so really, the best answer is probably this.

I dont think buying extra copies of the game works with Steam download. I would need to create a second faux steam account, DL the game under that account and then log on to Conan.

I am happy PAYING 30-40 bucks on a 2nd character slot on my private server but the solution needs to within the game license itself and not built on buying new games.

FUNCOM: Go the microtransaction route that Blizzard-Activision went with Warcraft services and implement this. I understand gaming companies are expensive to run, you need $$$ and this would be an easy ATM machine with tons of pent up demand right now. No affect on game balance, no whining hardcore people, if you dont want an extra character slot on a server, dont buy it. Easy.

No. just no. Microtansactions like character slots in a survival game is a no go in my opinion. This is not an MMO where you have to pay for character service. This is a sandbox survival game.

I’m happy to see an option to play multiple characters, but without paying extra money.

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