Looking for mod suggestions

I’m looking for a few specific mod types don’t know if they exist or if there are multiple I have a few I looked at that don’t quite fit what I want but are close. Here’s the things I’m looking for… I’m looking for a mod that me as a server owner or an admin could use to have a second character on the server… the next is in looking for a race and class mod something that adds bonuses to current abilities not adding a whole new system. Any input is helpful

I’m pretty sure there is a mod that allows you to have to characters. Not sure if it’s updated or what it is called but I am sure it’s there somewhere.

Yeah I thought I had seen one a long time ago unfortunately couldn’t find it

That’s not good news. Maybe someone else here will chime in and no more about it than me.

Thanks anyways

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Why are you trying to have separate characters? Is it to hide that you are an admin?

Pippi will allow you to change your name from the admin control panel. Or you can send server messages.

I personally have a second account on my laptop for admin only stuff. Means I had to buy 2 copies of Conan but it goes on sale a lot.

What I do to not be tempted to use admin powers

I use the Dedicated server launcher, put in a long string of random characters as the admin password, then close the launcher.

It makes it difficult give myself admin powers.

In other words, the only way I can make myself admin is to open the launcher copy a long string of characters, or change the password and restart the server.

However I don’t know if other players would accept this method. I keep the server for Mod test purposes, so I am the only person who ever plays on it.

my reason is to have one character that is a playable character and one admin. so that i can level one character and use it to test a few things as needed and play with some friends without gaining the xp from having to kill things or whatever i have to do in my admin character

You can do this by creating a second steam account. Then enable family sharing (bit tricky, but it works), share Conan Exiles with your second account, then log in with that Steam account. Gives you a new character, even account completely separated from the other one.

In single player, Mikey’s Toolbox allows you to create and use multiple characters. Don’t know if it works on server, though.

never used the family sharing but i thought it could only be used on a second account on the same computer, not a second steam account but a second internal account. which is more of a pain than i wanted. didn’t want to have to switch accounts at all and be easily able to jump back and forth.

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