New to Mods in Conan

Hi Everyone. Yes im new to this forum. Ive been playing Conan for about a month or two. I want to use mods.
im already playing in one of the official servers but i want to use mods now. i have another character in one of the RP servers and thought about using mods. If i do add them, is there a way that they will mess up my other character in the official server? ’

a while back i did start on an official server and had a mod but it wouldnt let me progress unless i deleted the mod, i think it was.

ive been hesitant but i need info and some help. please. id appreciate it.

Hello! Official servers do not support mods, so you can’t use them there.

But, you can use mods on your own private server or singleplayer.

If the RP server you’ve joined is owned and managed by someone else, you can request that they add a specific mod but no guarantee they’ll agree.

Having mods will not affect your Official server characters.

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Welcome to the forums, @Pavis. Forgive me if you already know this, but I just wanted to clarify in case you didn’t: the list of mods you have enabled in your game has to match the list on the server, in the exact same order. If it doesn’t, the game won’t let you connect to that server until it does.

Therefore, when playing online, the decision which mods to use is up to whoever controls the server.

I hope that helps.

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there are some great mods out there, and some great modded servers. are you looking to play on a server or single player?
as has been said above, if you play on a modded server you are locked in to the mods that the admin has chosen. some servers are heavily modded (the cluster of servers i play on is) and it can be a big change to go from vanilla to a heavily modded server. there are also servers that are light on mods, and just have some good QOL mods. there are some servers that advertise on the forums, many more that advertise on the conan exiles discord.
my suggestion would be to explore mods in single player, find what kind of modded experience you enjoy, then join a discord for one or more of the bigger mods that does the type of thing you like. there will almost certainly be a server advertisement channel in that modder’s discord, and most servers when advertising will post their modlist. you can try some different modded servers, see what kind of people are on their playing, what kind of experience the admin is trying to cultivate, and find your place. or find multiple places, and play on multiple servers.
i won’t take a dump on official servers, there are some who really really want to play vanilla “as the devs intended” and that is fine. i can say, from what i have experienced, the community in a modded server is more warm and cozy, the people i play with are friends, our admin is a helluva fella who cares about cultivating a PvE experience that is much broader than vanilla can provide.
you didnt ask for mod suggestions, so i wont give any. but boy howdy i sure could.


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