Can you opt out of Mods on a modded Server?

Hi I dunno if that is a dumb question, but I am new to using mods and Servers.

I wonder if someone who has experience could help me figure out some basic questions.

Some friends and I want to get a server to play together, I play relatively vanilla but the friends would like to use quality of life mods and gui stuff etc.

I know if we get a server, we can use mods.
Is everyone on the server forced to use these mods or could you opt out?

I dont mind downloading the mods for compatibility reasons or for like modded items, but I am happy with the regular HUD without fancy numbers or a minimaps and special thrall options etc.

I also know one friend uses a different gui mod than another.

So would it be possible to offer different mods for the same thing (like different HUD visuals) or opt out of certain mods completely.

Or is the only option to old school talk and agree on what mods will or will not be used on the server?

Thanks very much in advance to whoever comes to my aid :smile:

Because of how the mods are implemented in Conan (and I believe Unreal in general), you cannot opt out. Even client side effects need to be on both client and server. So you’ll need to choose which mods you all are using.


The only exception to what Taemien said is if the mod itself has an “opt-out” option written into it, like @Xevyr’s minimap which let’s individuals decide if they want it on their screen. However, everyone still has to have the mod installed on their client just as Taemien said. Mods that have an opt-out option are very rare.

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Yea, I did that specifically because of that :stuck_out_tongue:
From my time on the forums I’ve seen quite often that there’s generally 2 camps when it comes to minimaps, ones that really need it because they come from RPGs and they feel “naked” without having one in the corner to stare at :slight_smile: And the other ones are the purist survivalists who want to hone their navigation skills.

However it’s also useful when people have multiple mods that add minimaps as if the other one allows toggling off too then players can pick which one they prefer on a server.

Thank you all so much for the quick and precise answers.
I’ll check back with my friends then regarding what mods we’ll use and suggest @Xevyr 's if theirs not bound to anything they can’t part with

Thanks again so much :slightly_smiling_face:

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