VIewing Modded Servers

Can’t the check box for “Show Servers With Mods” rather be “Hide Servers with Mods”. reason behind this is I got a Modded server running, but not alot of players joining the server. Every player that joined the server I found out it was just by luck that they found the check box on the top right corner. I Have checked on the server list with no mods and saw that alot of server have a big player base, on the other side modded server were all quiet and 90% empty.

So will it not be possible to make modded server show by default and that player had to click the check box to hide modded server rather. It will also motivate the modders to design mods for server when they see modded servers are active.


I agree. Most people dont know about the box and we want more players on the server. The favourite server is also buggy so you have to keep clicking the box to find the server we play on

ID rather to see them work on an official launcher for servers rather then changing up the check boxes. It is possible ive seen it on nexus. Id would rather to see them use a boot up option for conan exile like If private server mod then launcher the launcher that help with modded server and finding only modded server and if not and wish to play official launch the normal game. This would help A LOT