New Auto mod downloader system

I saw the AutoDL screens on the Wiki page. I understood that there’s a checkbox to be ticked before you can see modded servers.
It’s a bigger issue for them. If players can’t see modded servers, there won’t be any player on them. Even if you have an AutoDL, modded servers won’t be more viewable than usual. This new feature is useless.

All servers need to be displayed on server list even if moded or not.
Poeples don’t think to check the box to see moded servers…

The check box is there, I use it. More importantly setting up your mods in the right way in the correct order is a hassle and a problem, this auto-mod downloader removes it and makes it possible for anybody to play on any modded server.

There are a significant number of players capable of checking a checkbox which have problem setting up a complex mod list correctly, especially since how to do so isn’t explained anywhere properly. This is all good and will allow my local server to install QOL mods in addition to the ELI mod which fixes all the thrall spawn bugs FunCom refuses to fix.

It’s seem’s to be not an important issue, but it is. Most of new players don’t see this check box. So they go on server that are not moded. It’s for this reason that all big PvP serveurs without mod are the most full, and all moded PvP servers just disapear or just die, excepted some RP server.

You can check on the server list. All full of player PvP server never have mod. Simply because they are most visible than moded server. This check box don’t have to be here.
Moded server give more content for this game. So they have to be same visibility than no moded server, or the checkbox has to be checked by default.

It’s not because some players or you using this check box that is the same thing for majority of players.
Sometimes a little thing can change everythings

I see this not as an oversight, but good design. If someone IS brand-new to the game, and too dense or oblivious to recognize this checkbox, it would only confuse them to start on a modded server, get used to those features, and then be out-of-sorts upon later going to an unmodded server.

This is NOT what I would consider a simple game with a shallow learning curve. IMO, it’s better for such new players to learn the base game first and learn what they do and don’t like so they know what sort of custom-tailored server would best suit them.

There is mod like PIPPI that not give confusions to players but just better administration tools. And players can make choice to cancel the connection if they don’t want mods.

I have did many tests. Once PIPPI mod is added, there is nobody on the server. Once there is no mod, there is many news players coming and the server life is better. And I don’t have more useless mod, just PIPPI.

When I ask to all poeple how they have found the server. they said that they have never seen my server in server list, just heard comment about it… So not download mod issue but visibility issue.

I know it’s not a good attitude from a player but it’s a fact. There is 6000 servers and 3500 players. So players don’t lost time about it. they will just conect on unmoded server.

On Ark game all servers are displayed on server list. No favoritism between moded or unmoded and there is no problem.

You can check on battle mettrics. All fully PvP server have no mod. It’s not a chance, just a mod display issue.
Auto download can help, but it’s not enough.

If all server are equal displayed, the best server will be the one that is better administred, and not the one that is just more visible.

I’d agree that all servers should be listed with a clear indicator in the list that a server has mods or not. Could be a simple tag to the beginning or end of the entry. If they’re worried about a new player being overwhelmed then they can include a pop-up when attempting to join that has a disclaimer stating something like

“This server has mods. Several features may be present on this server that are not part of the base game. As such, any issues on these servers should be addressed by the admin and not Funcom […]” yada yada yada.

Have the check box be a filter option to filter OUT modded servers instead. Like Yipman stated, mods can and do add a lot of flavour and QoL improvements over the base game that players will probably enjoy. Hopefully that would increase overall Conan population as well.

Exactly @jestersuave 100% agree. Moded server can just have a tag or popup to alert player that this server is moded etc… Maybe not with so worrying message XD but yes^^

Make an auto DL and hidden the moded servers with a little check box on the top right of the screen have no sence :confused:

There is a clear indicator. If you try to join a modded server then you get a screen with a list of mods that it is checking, then the game exit again and start opp again with the mods. But you have to activate the Moddownloader in the Setup before.

Hi @TwoJay, We don’t speak about that. I say that you can’t join a modded server if this moded server is not visible and hidden by default in server list.

I have explain how players react in server list. Most of them don’t see moded servers because they don’t see this check box (red circle on screen) or don’t think to check it.

@Yipman Is this a private Testlive Server with Mods you marked on that picture?

Nop it’s just the wiki Screen already marked by funcom. But me I just speak about the red circle check box.

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