Automatic MOD installation for private servers


I would (and a lot of other server managers) like to see some love on the mod system for our private servers.

As TheJedi mentioned here: Automatic Mod support
It’s a lot of work to integrate your community to new mods. A lot of players don’t know they need to activate the correct mods or hor don’t take their time to compare their modlist to the server modlist.

The solution we’re looking for:
On login in to a server with new mods (that the player don’t have installed AND activated) you will be promoted with an info alert box explain what mods will be installed AND activated to grant access and login to the server. You will also get informed what mods would be inactivated if that’s a thing for a player. All new players usually needs support with the modlist activation feature.

I got several peeps telling me they play ARK until it’s implemented, coz they just wanna play a game, not manage mods. We’re done with the dinos, right guys?

IRL dreams - how we want it to be experienced.

We get a tips on a new mod.
We make a straw poll so the community can vote.
The admin adds or remove the mod / mods in the Server Manager and restarts with an update.
Community relog and get prompted with the mods changes .
Choose install and continue the magic, barbaric adventure.

Much Love/ Daniel (aka MrAPOD)


This was mentioned by Funcom as something they want to implement. I think their plan was to take it a step further, and it would automatically arrange the mods in the correct order for the player joining the server.

I would assume that the player would still have to subscribe to each of the mods, but that would be the limit of what they’d need before logging into the modded server. No more activating and no more ordering. We can dream, and I sure hope this will be implemented in the ‘near future’. It would definitely be helpful for the players and servers. :grin:



What Enyo said is right, we are indeed working on adding this functionality to the game. I wrote about it in a past community newsletter here.

The idea is, as OP suggested, that you select a server and that the client automatically downloads any mods you might need to play on said server.

Unfortunately I don’t have a status update beyond “it’s coming after we’ve tested it a bunch” at the moment.

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Auto mods download feature

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