Automatic Mod support

IS there any word if the automatic mod support will be coming with this next update? I know my community is looking for to it. And I am really really needing it lol.


This feature would help to bring so much life to private servers. I figure it might even bring a lot of people back (and new ones), if you don’t have to explain to people how to install and order mods each time they want to join your server. People could easily check out different servers and find which one they want, instead of quitting out of frustration or ‘settling’ for PVE-C so they don’t get griefed.


What is it for?, I’m guessing a tool that doesn’t make it a pain to switch mods in order to switch servers?. If so, it would be very very welcome, at least for those of us that live on private servers.

basically what hes asking for is if you have the mod already let us build a modlist fromt eh server requested mod into a proper list and let us go into that server. There is such a Tool right now but It require server admin to set-up the mod collections. It is Its a neat tool but sadly it only works once you have everything you need for it to go at it.

IF CE would have a MOD tool they would be better off making two launcher… one for official one for mod tool -> getting into modded server. Thus the mod tool would be like an extension of the steam launcher just a better refined version although populating server list would be interesting… not sure how they would go around that since they did it in UE4


Ah, I should’ve visited nexus before, I didn’t know they has such tool!, and I’ve been using the game’s painful method since EA… I’m used to it, and the waste of time it represents to exit and restart everytime I switched servers, going to download it right away. I owe you one! :wink::+1: Anything but that actual method is a rain.

well like i said admin of server need to set their ends up for this tool to work

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