Easyer implementing of mods

it would be so nice if you could implement mods easier, atm setting up a server and adding mods can be a really time-consuming task and a lot more complicated than it needs to be.

to add mods as a server owner.
i need to make a list with the mod id
i need to get the list to every user of the server
i need to make sure my list is in order
and despite a lot of mods are called very similar names the new player needs to make sure to subscribe to the correct mod
the new player has to add the mods in the right order.
and if i or other server admins chances a mod, do to outdating of a mod or a new cool mod has been made, we need to inform all users and if out server host for some reason chances the mod order list we need to make a new list and again make sure every user gets the list, and if a new player joins me or one of the server admins needs to do more work again becurs conan exiles cannor communicate with the server and ask the users steam to automaticly download and add the mods running on the server.

all other games with mods i can think of right now has this feature

pls implement this feature

You can find the mod ID in the URL on Steam. Just give out the name and ID and you should be fine. Mod loading DOES need to worked on since the load times are terrible right now.

I do agree with the ability to turn off auto updates for mods or even Conan itself. I am used to game servers that will have a game a patch or two behind because the game will run better with the current mods and that is usually because the mod author has not been able to update.

Could you just add the mods you use to a “collection”… and point each user to download the “collection” ??

You can create a list on Steam Workshop and as long as people are friends they can look at the list and also save it.