Ability to auto choose mods based on server choice

Hi devs, is there a way to create a method so you can choose a server and based on that choice it auto creates your mod list? It is understandable that players will need to ensure they have subscribed or loaded the mod prior to, but I have several servers I like to play on and having to reload/reorder the mods is quite troublesome.

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This would be a very welcome change in my opinion. Modding in Conan Exiles is a bit clunky anything that makes it easier would be of great help. +1 to this Thread.


What you are asking is possible (I think), but would require an external program. Conan Exiles loads mods by infusing them into its files when it launches. The issue is that the server browser is ingame so you tend to have a problem syncing mods with a server.

The quick and dirty fix, is to have a modloader program written by a member of the community. What this would do is check which mods you have installed/subscribed, and ask which ones you want to be active and which order you wish them to be placed. It then can search for and edit the modlist.txt file. Then it has a Launch Conan Exiles button.

The issue with this is it can’t see the server’s mods. You’d have to research it by logging into the game, taking note. Or the server owner has a list of mods via and external source such as a website, discord, or forum post.

A more involved fix would require a means of checking a server’s mods via a API check. I would think using the steam interface this ‘might’ be possible. I know you can use a link directly to a CE server by clicking it from a website. But I don’t know if you can check what mods it has installed or if its possible for Funcom to add a method for that to happen.

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