Pre-Load Idea for Server Flexibility

I’ve been thinking about the issues with multiple servers, private servers not having the same mods, etc. It’s a problem, to be honest, and one of the servers I’m on doesn’t want to use mods (in part) because it’s a hassle for players to change their mods, get the load order straight, then restart the game.

Why not have a pre-load popup of favorite servers?

This is how I’d do it, myself:

  1. Player locates server they like, adds to favorites.

  2. Game writes subfolder in the Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods location with the server name.

  3. Ask the player if they will be playing solo or online. If solo, load the main modlist.txt file. If online and the player has 0-1 favorites, either load the main modlist.txt file or auto-load the single favorites file.

  4. a) If the player has not yet played on that server, the pre-load checks the server mod list and either a) loads all the mods in the correct order then writes a modlist.txt file under the appropriate subfolder (if the player has said mods) or b) alerts the player that they need [missing mods] prior to playing on that server.
    b) If the player HAS played on that server, the pre-load simply checks the server mod file to ensure no changes were made. If no changes were made, load the mods per the modlist.txt file for that server and if changes were made, go to 4a.

Set a maximum number of favorites to prevent things getting sloppy. Is it an extra step to loading the game? Sure, so make a ‘do not offer pre-load option’ setting. Will it allow us more flexibility in server selection? Yes.

Just a thought, if you guys can find half a day for one person to implement it.


While I’ve no idea what the development time and labor would be to improve the process, I surely love this idea or any that would improve the process for hosts and players. It can be quite frustrating explaining the addition of mods and their order on your server to your players, even daunting to players new to modding or the not-so-savvy.

And if I remember correctly, a bigger concern for me when I ran a server was how convoluted it all might seem to a potential new player that likes the description and vision of your server in the list, but winds up going elsewhere because of confusion or lack of mod automation. I also do not think there was any easy way of contacting admins/players on a server you’re interested in.