Simplifying connection to servers with mods

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I’d like to suggest a little adjustment to automatise game (mostly) for players on modded servers. Currently players must manually set mods in the correct order for the particular server configuration - if they want the game to not launch twice (and consume extra time). I suggest this mods list to correct/update itself automatically, it would be handy. The game would have to launch twice when you’re logging in to server with different than current remembered mod settings. The Mods tab in the main menu could even be deleted* if this change was implemented.

*- I’m aware that the mods are NOT solely used in multiplayer but(!) i have an idea to solve this issue as well!

So… the single player game settings should have it’s OWN mods menu. Second (and in my opion the best one) solution is that the mod settings would be placed in HERE settings + mods|250x471 *- With this solution the Mods tab can be absolutely safely removed from the main menu, because of it being obsolete.

Long story short:
Idea is about the launcher remembering the last used mods settings, so the client don’t need to change anything manually for their convenience

Alright, I’ll pitch in here…

You’re right in that the way CE handles mods needs improvement, but the current implementation is fundamentally flawed. Programmatically speaking, what really needs to happen is that Conan Exiles needs to stop loading mods on startup, and load them only when starting or joining a session. That way there’s no more restarting the game, matching mod orders or anything; when you start your single player game, it has its own mod list which the game then loads up. When you join a server, you get the mod list from the server and it tries to load those mods (or tell you if you don’t have them, they’re out of date, etc.) and downloads them from Steam like usual if needed before letting you connect.

Other games built with the Unreal Engine handle mods this way. You can jump from server to server, SP to MP and such with different mods involved, and not once does the game client need to restart. I’m not saying it’ll be quick or easy for them to do, but it’s entirely possible. :slight_smile:

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Generally speaking you mean making browser separate from the core game. I do agree. I guess that this is probably the ultimate solution for this inconvenience. But. MAYBE funcom or some player could come up with even better idea. I just got an idea(!) that if funcom could just split the main menu from the core game (so they could simply rearrange the code that is allready in use) this could be a bull’s eye. But because i’m not a programmer i cannot tell which solution would be the best. The best appearing solution might turn out to be not the best from coding point of view. :man_shrugging: Anyway, i guess that we agree on the core matter. :slight_smile:

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Yes, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m suggesting. The current order of operations in Conan Exiles is this:
Launch CE -> Get Mod List -> Apply Mods -> Menu -> Start or Join Game -> Play

And I believe should be this:
Launch CE -> Menu -> Start or Join Game -> Get Mod List -> Apply Mods -> Play

That way when you return to the main menu, the game basically returns to a default state and never needs to be restarted to use different mods. I don’t personally feel there’s any meaningful reason for users to be able to modify the main menu, so loading mods before then seems unnecessary.

As an aside, this would potentially make the game ‘load’ the same mod multiple times (like if you rejoined a server), but if that were a performance issue the mods could remain cached and loaded until a mod list is requested that doesn’t actually include them. Then you could rejoin the same server or another one using similar mods without the game needing to stop to load the same mods from the previous session again.

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This is doable would only take them a day to implement . Just hire some kids who’s know coding c++ make a browser and with a server selection retrieve modlist c++ check for things you only need to make sure mod and server mod has the correct version number and this can be done rapidly because c++ browser are using all of your computer power to process it while ue4 uses single core cpu and is slower

I hope that you are right and that they will solve this inconvenienve quickly, so it would not be necessary for players into mods to read the whole darn manual about managing mods in a convinient way, because learning the whole darn manual about managing mods is not the most convinient way itself. I hope that they pay any attention to it and fix it as soon as possible. :stuck_out_tongue: Funcom pleease.

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