Switching between solo/server

I have a question i can’t seem to find a clear answer to.
I have been playing solo so far, for as far as i found answers getting close to my question it seems that if i switch from one server to another i can have an option on to automatically download and set my modlist to equal that of that server, and if i switch to another server it will sync to that server.

What i can’t find a clear answer on is this though:
If i join a server and then switch back to my single player game, will the game sync my modlist to what i had there or will it just run it with the modlist/order of the last server i was on?

If you start your solo game again it will load your defined mod list for your solo game.


If there is one thing I’d like to see improved (even more than adding horse back riding) is how Conan handles mods.

There are much better ways to do it. The mod list you create for single player should have nothing to do with mods that are on a server you join. There should be two different lists. One for single player and one for online. Better yet, don’t check or load any mods until you join a server and then just load them and start the game. There should be no need to restart the game to load the mods for a server.

I don’t play single player often, but do play a few different servers with different mods. I ended up removing all of the mods for single player. I think this makes the game start a bit quicker and since it always has to reboot anyway once it gets the mod mismatch, I might as well not have any for single player. I’ve heard of other players doing some kind of batch file to swap out the list of mods for different servers, but that seems like a ridiculously tedious workaround for a broken in game system.

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