Auto download of Mods

Autoload of mods is implemented in lastest patch on testlive and it is working.
I found 2 line in the client settings where you can enable auto download of mods.

I installed testlive on my server with a few mods and its working.

When you first click Join server you get a screen with a list of mods that it is checking, then the game exit again and start opp again with the mods.

It does this everytime you start the game unless you go to mods in the main menu and move the mods over to the middle column.

@Jens Erik, thank you.


So the player has still to activate the mods by himself? Should he also take care of organizing the mods? I am asking because this step is buggy. If you change the loadorder in this menu you often have to do it twice at least control it twice because the game doesn’t take it over the first time. This is annoying and for People who doesn’t know anything about mods another reason to avoid modded servers.

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They’re are still some small issues to iron out and test internally. That is one of the reasons we haven’t mentioned it in the patch notes.

We’ll definitely make sure to post proper explanation as to how it works once final testing concluded :slight_smile:


It is activated automatically. it is just to avoid the dobbel startup you have to move it to the middle field. But maybe the game should do that automatic too.

:steam_locomotive: this is now added to the Official Conan Exiles Wiki!

Is someone running a teslive server with the hyborian body/armor mods?

Also there is some modding starting on nexus, some workshop mods are posted there too, because people are flagging then innapropriate, like hyborian body/armor mod above.

Please I hate to compare Conan’s to Ark but please you have to make the mod system like Ark. Forcing the player to restart the game… is counter productive.

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don’t think ARK was still easy and smooth !
I remember all the time-out a time, while it was loading mods, all need time.

I just reinstalled ark a week ago to play with some friends. And the mod system does not force you to restart. It just downloads the mods than takes you into the server.

Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

Just tested something, I had a mod installed and active and went to try to connect on official testlive server, after marking the option to auto download mods, it restarted the client with no mods and connected to official server.
So it works both ways, if you want to connect to a server without mods it also works!

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Love this feature glad it’s finally in the works of being implemented

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