Automated mod downloader system

Game mode: PC
Type of issue: Performance
Server type: Any
Region: Any

Basically, once you enter the automated mod downloader it enters a cycle than ends up hooking up the game.
Started Steam, started the game. Check favorites servers, try login on one of them.

  • then the automated mod system checks the mods, something it never did before…
  • since they are the right mods and right order it should connect but…,
  • no, it goes to checking screen, says all correct, then closes the game, opens it again and then…
    -game gets stuck in “attempting to connect to server” forever.

open windows task manager and kill conansandbox.exe, otherwise it just stays “attempting” forever.

Now it is impossible to access the autodownloader system. Both checkboxes on the bottom left screen are checked, and the system will not let you uncheck them, since it directly checks mods and closes the game before you can do anything. No options.

Is it possible to disable the auto thing until it works?. Now I can’t even access any server… no matter what. Even closing steam won’t work. The game gets stuck in the auto system cycle and crashes.

Before you try connecting to any servers, go into your settings, the Gameplay tab and look down at the bottom. You can uncheck your auto settings there. The same thing happened to me a while back and it was frustrating.

I think it works it just takes like 10 mins to finish try it out go to a server with mod try to enter and just leave it there do something else it will download all and restart but it took like 10 to 15 mins its painfully slow

I agree with this also. Much slower than manually doing your mods. I think it has to change mods in your client, reboot the client and loop possibly a few times to get it all right.

Thank you both, I will try the settings change. I think it was more functional before when doing it manually, this loop thing is really bugging.

This autodownloader is insane. A horrible experience to use. It starts to do its work, appears to sit there doing nothing, and paralyses my PC so I can’t alt tab. After minutes of inactivity, I can finally alt tab while it sits there. The mod feature of the game menu has always been pathetically slow like this: taking minutes to do whatever it is that is doing, while disallowing alt tab. Horrible,

By contract, you can download mods via Steam, go in and manually edit a text file, and get loaded onto server in a much shorter time.

This game feature is horrible. Not a QOL update at all.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. I have the mods, I enter the server list screen, choose the server, click connect, and then the game checks the mods, says it’s okay and SHUTS the game?! to start it again and then… connect?. Someone tell me the logic behind this… I’m dumb.

Oh, both boxes are unchecked in my settings, so nothing of the above should be happening…

Well that is odd. Were they unchecked when you first went into settings to uncheck them? If you unchecked them and it is still happening, have you completely closed the client and restarted it?

Yes, both unchecked, still game closes everytime, regardless.

I wish I had an answer to this. Possibly need to manually edit a config file to stop it? Anyone else know what the deal is here?

Edit: The file is the Game.ini. c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Conan Exiles…\ConanSandbox\Saved is the default file location for it. At the very bottom is the auto mod updater line:

False is what you want. If yours is already there, then again, I am unsure.

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