Current infinite load issues


I have encountered a new issue it seems in regards to the current modded server issues.

I was playing perfectly fine last night on the server i play on i closed my Conan down and shut off my PC i logged in my steam this morning and noticed my Conan was greyed out like it had been uninstalled.
I looked online and found that just i needed to just click install and it would verify files and make sure it was installed and it would be fine instead it took 2 hours to do so.
I then attempted to join my server and was met with the mod reacquiring screen the mods then it began to install again despite them being subscribed to still and everything it then prompted me to check if the mods cached file or even the mods file was there and it was not and the last time that file had existed was 5 days ago when i deleted the file to do the fixes listed all over the forums and discords.
Since this issue i have uninstalled the game and mods i then reinstalled the game and the mods whilst attempting to join the server once it finished i clicked connect the game restarted and attempted to join first 2 times i received the black loading screen i then tried a 3rd time just to make sure and this time i got the attempting to join server constantly loading hich has happend 3 times now since.
i then closed the game after 15 minutes i then verified files again i then wiped the mods again i then went to delete the mods cached file and once again didn’t exist same for the mods file only file that existed still was the modrestart.json file
I also created my own mods cached file in sandbox directory and a mods file i check them after the recent reinstall of mods and no mod exists in the files i searched my entire pc and i cannot even find where the mods have gone its like its not installing them at all now

This is literally what I have to do to get into Conan lately:

  1. kill Conan then shut down Steam
  2. Go to \steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\ModsCached
  3. Delete EVERYTHING there
  4. Restart Steam
  5. Restart Conan

FC for the love of Crom… get your act together.

yeh ive been doing all the fixes all day i actually dont even have a modscached file or a mods file so i havent even been able to delete and they havent appeared after 2 full reinstalls

OMG that’s awful! I hope someone is able to suggest a fix for you!

yeah its been bad 12 hours of trying to fix it so far i am hoping someone can

well i did everything again and it fixed itself it seems

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