Mods dont update automatically

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Everytime a mod gets an update and i need to update it for the severs i play in then i am forced to unsubscribe and subscribe to the mod and redownload the entire thing (which can take the whole day sometimes). I have all automatic updates and so on turned on in steam and also conan ,this is a major problem for me with low bandwidth.

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Not experiencing such issue. I mostly realize that there was an update cos my client is updated but the server wasnt and it shows wrong version. EDIT: unless my inet is so fast that I don’t notice the updates while trying to connect to the game but somehow I doubt.

Could you please confirm that you have the automatically subscribe and download mods ticked when trying to connect to a modded server? In addition, could it be that your connection somehow prevents the automatic update e.g dont run updates on wifi or something similar?

Could it be that steam goes in offline mode or your pc power saving options prevent the updates

no all update options are set to on ,my steam is never offline, and yes my auto updates/subscribe is on ,confirmed. and already checked literally anything that has to do with updates and/or data limitations etc. there shouldnt be anything able to stop the updates ,steam client itself checks for updates every day and updates when needed ,as well as every other program ,its only conan mods that do not update.
Leaving me to redownload the entire mod.

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