Rollback my version of Conan Exiles?


I play on a small, private, server with friends. Since the private servers have to manually update we can’t connect at the moment until the server is updated. Generally, that’s fine BUT we use Mods and it seems most mods are broken with this new update.

Can we roll back our versions so we can play on our server with our mods until the mods are updated?


Hugh Bris


It would be great if you could disable auto updates in steam. Is this possible? I only know of an option to limit auto updates to certain times, but as far as I know the game does not start when there is a pending update. If we could decide when we want to update we could play on our modded servers with an old version until the mods are updated.


Unfortunately not. Only thing you can do is set the time window to late night and make sure to be offline at that time.


As it turns out there is a way, possibly, to revert to a previous patch through Steam (via the Console with info from from but it is tedious and involves basically re-downloading the game into a separate folder and then copy pasta files back and forth. Obviously, this isn’t “sanctioned” by Funcom.

For the more adventurous, patient, or curious though there is a guide on Steam here

Since it uses information collected from Steam, uses the Steam Client, and doesn’t really provide a full software package I can’t see as this is likely to run afoul of anything but I’m sure Steam and Funcom would prefer you not do it…


A lot of work indeed, especially if you want all your players to do it, too. :wink:


Yes… Funcom could make it easier though.


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