[Request] - Please make older versions available as "betas" in the main game

It seems like every new update breaks the game in some way, and simply having the ability to stay on an older version (or revert to an even older version than currently) would be absolutely fantastic for making the game more functional in general.

Yes, I’m aware that not all new features would be available, and you’d have to use out of date versions of mods without the newest features - but I’m completely OK with that.

The game keeps breaking, and if the developers aren’t going to get this game to a stable point and then simply stop messing with it (because you guys break it completely every few months), then at least give us the option to have a version of the game that doesn’t get any further updates.

It was in a perfect state just a week ago, and then it got broken completely. Yet again. Fourth time this year. I’d genuinely prefer that you guys just get it to a stable point and stop messing with it.


More then half of players would probably revert back to previous version and wait for chapter 2 in war age.


Totally reasonable to ask about. The difficulties into doing this are pretty technical, you had to maintain on your servers a fork of development for any major release, then give to players the ability to switch back to previous versions. 7DaystoDie do this, for example, you can pick the Alpha you want to play on it. In Conan, will be a bit more complicated due the official servers and the private servers, not only the one hosted on external services but also the (limited) server you use in SP. Still, this is not impossible to do. For Mods, will being complicated, because the Modders had to update the Mods at the last version of the DevKit, and in this case they should maintain remote repositories for any mayor version of the game. I think the problem will come more in this situation, Modders do these mods basically for passion (or for little money on their own Patreons/etc), and this will make the things very complicated for them first.

Steam has this feature. Here is a guide:

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Official servers don’t have to support older versions. Neither do modders or unofficial servers. Just treat it as a “use at your own risk” scenario, where it’s up to server owners and modders if they wish to maintain support for an older version.

Worst case, you just play it alone in single player. That would be enough.

I do agree with your point of view infact.
What i’m focusing on are the difficulties about it, That’s all.

Thank You very much @SirDaveWolf about the info, appreciated, even i was aware of this also. :slight_smile:
I suppose what we talk here is more like the ability to switch back to a previous version just using the Steam game properties in their tabs.
About this, i suppose (maybe i’m wrong) this kind of thing had to being done by Funcom first in some place/settings.
The procedure is objectively complicated, even more for a not skilled player.
Having a thing (as other games) like you choose from a dropdown list wich version of CE you want to play and then the game update automatically i think will be nice, even with the problems with the Mods about. Peace & Love guys. :slight_smile:

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