Mod update headaches

There HAS to be a way for servers and players to freeze a version of mods for their game.
EVERY single time there has been an update this month I am prevented from playing with authentication errors, mod errors and every kind of nonsense you can imagine for days on end.
I have spend tens of hours trying fix the problems caused by updates, following every single procedure in the hopes something works. I am on the verge of quitting Conan . Enough already, give us back our game.

You can always play vanilla with no mods :woman_shrugging:

How boring is that?

There is a mod you can use so you play off line and game will not update until you go online and do it, never used it but have seen it on steam.

That way you do not have to deal with those issues till all your mods are updated.

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I play in multiplayer rp servers so this wouldn’t work. The problem is affecting many players, and has been for some time. It’s just about time we had the choice to prevent update bombs wrecking communities

Please do not take this as negative in any way but I play with many mods and very much understand the pain of waiting those couple of days, many of mine that I use need to be updated after each game update AND many things are Funcoms responsibility but making sure mods are updated is not one of them. Running mods means we wait a couple of days for updates and Funcom does state on every update that this may break mods and that mods will need updated. Would be great if there was a way to not update till we wanted to but that would take a fair bit of coding if it was even possible. I am with you on the pain of waiting but its not fair of us to expect Funcom to come up with a issue for mods, they are great to have allowed the dev kit to start with so we can even have mods but that is just one old lady’s opinion.

Supposedly yes, I want to test it out, see if it works. You can also fiddle with steam update settings to prevent updates (sort of, set them to happen only during specific hours, so like at 1 am when you are not playing and logged off), so maybe it would work. The real problem is how steam is set up in forcing you to update games and mods. It really ■■■■■■ me off. In the past there was an option to just disable game updates flat out. People praise steam, but I hate it for this.


I agree but think maybe its a steam issue more then a certain game as I know my Fallout 76 will update some times when I tell it to and set it and some times just random.

This really depends upon the mods that are being used. Some modders update far too often. I tend to stick with the mods that are very stable and update very slowly. These modders also tend to be the very top professional ones. I have very few log in issues with mods updating. Super stable.

I do know that a number of RP Servers I played on (to try others out and RP) do have some updating issues that are frustrating. You are definitely correct. I feel for you. This is why my Dad and I picked the mods for both excellent and very stable.

When I was self hosting there was an option on the Server Launcher to not Update Mods automatically. You can also place Steam in Offline mode and it will not auto-update any mods as well. Mostly though if sticking with a very stable list of mods this issue is very much a minor one.

Message me if you want details or help.
Good Luck!

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On Steam you can set the update to a specific time. And you can even decide if you want to download at all.

Timing updates or not having them are only useful if you play alone, but don’t apply when playing online in multiplayer. The server updates its mods, then you have to, too.

The question/idea I have is why not allow servers to simply freeze updates to prevent disruption, and have control over the mod versions they use. It would mean servers using older mod versions, but at least an older set of mods would be more useful than the newest ones that come with authentication errrors that prevent players from playing at all

They do have control, most of the servers update their mods manually. Only a few run auto-updates. If I don’t update the mods on my server, they will never get updated. This is why mod authors provide a link to the previous version.

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Yeah…I update manually. The issue is that if a player auto updates then cannot log into the server to play. Which basically forces me to update as soon as something is available. Catch 22. I did at one point make the mods static and that only lasted until Funcom patched the game and 1 or 2 mods had to be fixed by the modder(s). It is Mod Life. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Again if the mods chosen are very stable in the way they are designed there will be very few issues. Just sayin’ this again.

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