Server mod mismatch, despite same mods, modlist, versions

Hey!, A few friends and I set up a server to play Conan Exiles, I’ve never played before now, so got a completely fresh install with mods, the others can connect fine, but I keep getting a mod mismatch error
I tried letting the game handle the mod list using the auto subscribe
Changing the modlist.txt from the servermodlist.txt, as well as downloading the mod list the host provided but nothing seems to be working

Googling the issue just brings up these 3 ideas, but none of them work for me, any other ideas?

@zerozapper when you have a mismatch like that you need to unsubscribe and resubscribe those mods to force the update. On Steam press PLAY / MODS and on the right of the mod clic on … see in workshop unsub resub and start the game again


Valhalla-strider has the right of it. When mods update, steam doesn’t always push the update to clients. In that case a unsub/resub will fix it.

Personally what I use is a server mod collection. Its a collection you make for yourself (or others if you’re running a server) that matches the modlist on the server you play on. Whenever a mod updates, I open that page in my browser (favoriting/bookmarking is not a bad idea) and then click the little box to the right to turn it green then click it again.

Usually steam starts downloading it immediately.

If a large amount of mods update, you can also use the Unsubscribe All and Subscribe buttons near the top to do them all at once.


This is a direct result of Funcom being Funcom. They go out of their way to tell modders that they will be dropping the dev kit for them to play with a month in advance of the update and then drop the ball and the update while giving modders less than a week with the dev kit. Why would they do this? Because they are Funcom. Really ticks me off to no end but considering how much fun I am having and that the new building system is freaking amazing… le sigh, I’ll give them a pass. But yeah as others have said. Unsubbing from your mods and then letting the server add them back is the way I have tackled the infinite loop.

The problem described by the OP is a Steam issue. It existed before Conan Exiles was even thought of.

Yeah this seemed to work for me now, but others still seem to have the issue, despite unsubscribing/re-subscribing the mods, its super frustrating.

it also seems there where mod updates between me being able to play, and a friend that was able to play being unable now, while others still are unable to play at all

Well it’s a big transition for mods after the update, especially those dealing with building peaces…so they need time to repair everything and for the moment you and your friends would be better of playing the vanilla game and adding mods when you’re sure they’re properly updated…

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