Mis-match Mod Issue on Server - What version am I running?

Below is a screenshot of my mod page in Conan. Are all the listed versions of the mod on the right, the version I have on my computer, or the version the server is running?

I have rebooted the server several times and enabled and disabled the mods. I even had g-portal do a force refresh.

I cannot connect due to the mod-mismatch. (Northern Timber and Stygian Buildings put pushed out an update today).

I have also unsubscribed and resubscribed/updated my version on my computer several times. Nothing seems to be working.

  1. Any ideas of what the issue might be?

Here are these 2 mods on the server:

  1. Is there anyway other than the update date, to see what version the server is running through the g-portal interface? (I know Northern Timber is showing 2.0.1 in its name, but that’s just from a name change I think, and not necessarily reflective of the actual version?)

The mod mismatch means that the mods on the server are not the same as those on your PC.

Normally a server restart updates the server to the newest mod-version.

Therefore it might be possible that the mods on your PC are not up to date. Are there any updates scheduled by Steam for your Conan Exiles?

As a server owner myself I’ve dealt with this several times.

Two things:

First the less likely scenario:
Your mod is out of date behind the server and the workshop is glitching not updating your mod. Usually unsubscribing/resubscribing fixes this. If this doesnt work I found doing a verify files on the game install will force it to redownload them.

More common scenario:
The mod on your system may be newer than the server and the owner didn’t update it yet this happened several times on my server when I missed one getting updated.

As starwalker stated its more likely the server has not had the pak file updated and the mod updated recently.

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