How do I get rid of the Mod Mismatch screen and stabilyze the game loading process

I’m so sick and tired of this Mod Mismatch screen, and this long enduring checking system. I have mods subscribed. They are in order. Why must I go through this? I hate sitting here for minutes just for this screen to finish it’s checking to make sure the mods are up to date. What aggrivates me is that it does this saying I am not matching the server mod list when they give us a link to match them. What givces. I hate this process!

This happens in 2 cases

  • if your client and your server have different versions of the mods
  • if one of your mod is outdated, after a patch

Make sure, that and your Steam client, and your server run the same mod version.
I don’t know if you’re the admin of the server you want play on.

If you are the admin, it’s up to you to look at that your server is up-to-date. This may depend the server your running, or better said what host you may use.
Some use a config-pannel, and update are mad once or more a day. So delay may happen.

Alos bigger mods are better to upload to servers via an FTP. They’re more reliable, and don’t lose files while doing so, like this can happen by the usual command.
You may google FTP, there free around like Filezilla, which are very simple to use.

Otherwise, send a ticket to your host, ask them to look if all mods are up-to-date. This may need some time, so with a FTP it’s done in a few clicks and moments. :wink:

I am also tired. I play same server with same mods, always up to date thanks to admins good work. And have to wait endlessly for a simple checklist to say ok. And then a bit more waiting until the connect button becomes available, and then, again start the game. Like 10 mins all in all, in today’s superfast era?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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