Mods match, game says they don't

Playing on a private server. 5 mods in use. One of them updated recently (today? yesterday?), but I see on the Discord that the server has already been updated with the new version. Steam updates with the new version of the mod for my PC. Nothing unusual, been there/done that. Load up Conan…and nope, your mods don’t match. Double-check the load order, and it’s correct. Mods are updated. Load order is right…game still insist mods don’t match. I ran Steam’s file verification thing, and it came back clean. Suggestions?

Well, my first suggestion was going to be making sure the server had updated and restarted, but it appears you covered that. I have seen the mods rearrange themselves and it took a few tries of going in and arranging mods then restarting the client to get them to stick, but you may have already done that as well.

The last thing I could think of (that’s worked for me in the past) would be to restart steam a few times, or even reboot your computer. If those all fail, then my assumption would be that it IS on the server side. Best of luck!

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Also try unsubscribing to all mods, then subscribe again. When you’re in the mods screen selection in game, place the mods in the order you want but instead of back, hit refresh, then verify the order since sometimes it changes. Once verified hit back and exit and restart the game.

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