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I am not certain how many people play on servers that use mods, but I know many do. I have found a home with friends on one and play that one only, but know others who play on a variety of “modded” servers. Now, with updates but Funcom is NOT providing developers’ kits along with the update and not even informing the mod developers if and when they will do so does NOT help promote the game, it’s popularity OR profitability. I would think that population of paying players dictates that “modders” be taken into more consideration and courtesy when updating the game.


It really would be nice if the Devkit could be released alongside the patch update to minimize downtime for said servers. There is a LOT of modded servers out there, and many more will add mods once the Auto-Mod Uploader gets implemented. A day prior to update for the Devkit would be best, but alongside the patch drop would be understandable if they’re trying to prevent spoilers.


Yeah I just got the update. Not only can I not play on my server but also single player is shut down until everything is fixed. So it looks like I am without playing Conan Exiles for about 2 weeks or so when the final update is released and when they release the DevKit update after that. I hope I don’t lose interest in this game by that time. Back to Skyrim I go now.


Yes that’s what is happening to almost all private servers. None of them can update the mods, since there is no option even for the creators to update their mods. Very sad, I’m also not playing until mods get updated and private servers are once again back up. Guess we’ll have to do as you said, do something else and hope not to get hooked on another game in the meantime… and no, thanks, not going to even try playing official servers, ever since I got the game back in EA, didn’t even considered doing that, I know how community behaves there, and frankly I don’t have the patience or desire to deal with it. Just hope devkit is out asap. And also hope the player base in the servers I play don’t leave for ever.


I completely agree! Most people complain about relatively small things that need fixing, but I suspect a large amount of players are on private, modded, servers. The fact that Funcom is not even TELLING them if/when a developers’ kit will come is intolerable, let alone not providing it just prior to or with the update(s).

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Well, I was expecting the patch mainly for the bug fixing, downloaded it expectant and happy, only to find out that none of the private servers I play on are playable. And the only couple that I could join (those with only pippi mod) turns out pippi is crashing the game for most people. I think next time a patch is released they should release the devkit at the same time, lets hope they get the idea for next update. This is a guess, but I bet there are way more players on private servers than officials, on pc that is of course. It feels like that part of the player base was left out.


I could not agree with you more, miodeleo!

It’s hopefully coming out tomorrow. Has to go through certification via Epic.


I saw that Funcom staff says 1000 official servers, 20k private. I cannot see how Funcom can release an update without the dev kit before or at the same time! To alienate SO much of their client base!


This is not the first time it has came up either. But it appears they have their own personal goals. Which is fine. That is legal. It is also fine and legal for us to not support it. Like I have been all this time. Most divorces happen from differentiating interests after all. Nothing personal. I like the devs. Obviously we have differences of opinions though. And I don’t like Firespark so this isn’t coming from his influences. Firespark is ALWAYS negative. About EVERYTHING. Game developers must hate that guy. Make it impossible to even create a game. I wouldn’t be bored and typing all this stuff in the community if my game worked. I would love to be playing my game. I like trying to find ways to get around bugs or stupid rules or mechanics. This has just become ridiculous though. I mean, I can’t even play my game. It won’t load anymore.

There needs to be an option to Roll Back so this doesn’t happen. If we want to play on our servers on an old version with the mods we want to use we should be able to. I was starting an epic build this morning and came home to a patch that nerfs the small, 4 person, server I play on.

If Funcom isn’t going to list versions in Steam Beta’s tab like many other games so we can play the version that works then I guess I’ll have to find another way to get the files. I don’t see why playing on an old version is an issue since we can’t join an official server so, what gives?


As it turns out, there is a way to revert from within Steam but I’m not sure if it works yet… Regardless, it seems to be a HUGE PITA.

Again, my point is twofold: Funcom launches 1/2 of an update then the developer’s kit the next day. One of the mods I’m following is having MANY “bugs” that are not being reproduced in the dev kit and is taking that mod developer and her assistants forever to track down the cause, i.e., the mod vs. the update. Now, when the next 1/2 of the update occurs, this will likely cause the same/similar or new problems. This results in, my estimation, a huge drop in players on private servers that utilize mods from playing and will likely cause many to quit those servers and the game altogether. Poor coordination of efforts on the part of the dev team or just not caring about modders/private servers hosts who use mods/players on those servers?

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hi can i ask what actually is a devkit?

if mods have been made, im guessing all the modder needed was a tool from unreal?
(or does every new patch of the game, require some kind of unlock code to mod it?) sorry im not sure…

(was going to try so see how easy it is to mod, since i had some cool sounding ideas for a few new recipes, but if its more difficult than that i might not be able to do it)

You need to download Epics launcher (and have an Epic account, it’s free if you don’t have one.) Then just hit the modding tab, and download they very large dev kit. I would suggest you join the mod discord and review the all guides Dropbox I linked earlier, as well as visit the wiki articles on modding, and watch the few tutorial videos available out there on the net (they are a bit dated but they can help you get going).

ok thanks multigun, will have to read up a lot :slight_smile:

55gig for the devkit?
i need more space lol

Told ya it was very large didn’t I :joy:

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