Please release the devkit to modders much earlier

Can you please release your devkits to modders much earlier. I dread funcom updates, as our server is always down for 2-3 days while modders scramble to update their mods. They do a great job but are let down by Funcom not handing over the devkit early enough.

Every time our server is down for 2-3 days, we lose players and so does funcom. Some move onto different games. It seems like common sense to me for funcom to help out modders much quicker, which helps the Conan game stay alive.

Please give Modders at least a week with the devkit. It would make a massive difference to modded servers. Thanks.

They do. The last devkit update (2.8) was a week before the patch. The Testlive devkit (for 2.8) was just a day short of Three weeks before the patch.


What Taemien said. What you are actuall arguing is for mod devs to devote their entire lives to doing nothing but mod updating the moment they are able to. An available update does not guarantee a mod developer is going to have the time, resources, energy, etc.

You chose this risk when doing a modded server.


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