Update unreal engine editor


Any ETA on the update for the editor?

they give the updated files to Epic games and they implement them when they feel like it, Funcom have little control over them but it’s usually within a few working days.

Alright, thanks

So I guess this isnt happening anymore till after release?
Could have just said so instead of silent treatment :slight_smile:

Check the official Conan Exiles discord, the modding community is much more active on there.

Yeah sadly it seems we will have to wait till launch, god knows how long the wait for a devkit update will be for that either. Most likely 3-4 days after launch for the devkit update.

It’s annoying but it’s obvious they are really busy trying to get the game launch ready.

There is no official modding discord is there? there is an unoffical one someone setup but that’s no better for information really either.

I checked the unofficial one and there is no info that i could find either about when it is updated.

So, wonder how long for the update now that game has launched.

They wanted to put out an update today but there was an issue, so they are rebuilding and hoping to release it tomorow.