Mods and September 1st Release Date

Now that an official release date has been given (September 1st), it is important for everybody to know that mod creators STILL do not have an updated Dev Kit (at the time of this writing. I am well aware the Dev Kit is out now. Read the rest of the thread and this post before jumping down my throat). We cannot do anything about the pending update until that happens. We were supposed to have “ample time” to prepare our mods, but now best case scenario we will have 6 days to prepare (that’s IF they actually release the Dev Kit update, which has already been delayed once when it was supposed to come out on Thursday).

So with all of that said, this is where I say its more important that ever that you all give mod creators breathing room. This is a MASSIVE update, and we are not given any where near enough time to fully prepare (I have 16 mod updates I need to do, almost all of them require significant effort). Its best to probably not play on release day if you are playing modded. Please support your mod creators by:

  1. Donations if they have that set up

  2. Offer to test the mods on Testlive (or live after 3.0 launches)

  3. Help communicate to other players on mod creators Discords and Steam Workshop pages that Funcom didn’t give mod creators enough time and to be patient while mod creators get their mods ready for 3.0

If you play modded Conan, assume you likely won’t be anywhere near normal play time until about a week after September 1st. This is a massive update, us mod creators will do our best. But we have lives too, health challenges, and all sorts of variables that make it so we cannot work on mods 24:7

Thank you.

Edit: Devkit is finally out. Less then 6 days, here we go, I guess…

Edit 2: See this post.


I can not second this enough. I will be doing my part in spreading awareness throughout the communities I’m a part of that patience and understanding be exercised during this time since 6 days is certainly not ‘ample time’ for Modders to adequately prepare for this release date with the timing of the the DevKit release.


Yes, that’s not cool.
our comunity will freak out.


Modders are going to need every bit of support they can get. This update is scary. Anyone with building pieces and placeables are going to have to relearn the blueprints for them I imagine. Any mod adding armors with attributes are going to need to rebalance their armors with the new stat system (though this one is said to be backwards compatible).

What we don’t need is people losing their God damned patience with mod authors who don’t have their mods updated on day one. My recommendation to everyone playing modded clients and servers is to chill the f- out until your mods are updated. Take a break. Play unmodded for a while and relearn all these new systems.

The basic 3.0 game is different enough from 2.8 that it will FEEL modded right out of the gate with the new attribute system, new building system, and all the new sorcery aspects.

Not many of you were playing testlive (and admittedly not a tone of time spent). So it was mostly two dozen beta testers that pulled the heavy lifting for bug reports and feedback. So now the public is going to shoulder that burden a bit when it hits live. And believe me, there’s still quite a few bugs that need repro cases and feedback.

September is gonna suck a bit.


I always assume that some mods will take a few days post patch release to be updated for various reasons. So expect private servers to be down until they are updated.

Be patient :slight_smile:

On that note, I need to update my own mod this weekend.


I really do not envy modders having this sword of damocles suddenly strung up overhead. I know from experience that one of the most frustrating parts of modding is the userbase (if they aren’t blaming you for something then they’re asking the same questions over and over even though it was answered literally right before they asked).


A lot of mods do work fine with 3.0. I’m using the following on my Testlive Client:


The thrall pickup feature of BetterThralls doesn’t work, but else, stuff seems to run fine.

Some other mods (Hosav’s UI, Unlock Containers with the awesome component collection system) currently do not work and are sorely missed.

Anyhow… be patient with mod creators, folks, and thanks to the modders for their dedicated and creative work!


You don’t understand the full scope of the changes. Even if they “work fine”, there is now a version check on mods. So if a mod hasn’t been recompiled for 3.0, it will show it as not compatible, which opens up to mod creators to abuse from their users. And believe me, this community is very okay with hurling abuse our way…


No news! But it’s really OK from my side, I get used to it all these years! I cannot recall a great update without a small update or hot fix after!
I wish to the mode community courage for what’s coming to them!


Maybe I do understand the full scope, but wasn’t adressing the mod creators, but the mod users. :wink:

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Not only be kind to our amazing modders but I would hope all of you will let Fun con (not a typo) know how absolutely unacceptable this is. We are long used to private servers being the unwanted red headed stepchild of this game. Apparently FC does NOT think that anywhere near a significant amount of their income is from private (usually modded) servers. What I know is that in the world of private servers most players would never consider playing this game without mods. Not just for “weird” or “unnecessary” things but for improved character generation (bless you IQoL) that is vastly superior to the lackluster vanilla char gen. Better admin tools. Improved building tools and building sets. And lots and lots of additional gameplay. That our community is being treated so shoddily makes me really question my own investment in this game and I have been hosting the oldest RP community for this game for 5+ years. But without the mods I count on to make this game worthwhile I will have no choice but to walk away and just be sorry I ever gave FC another chance after the travesty they made of Age of Conan.

Obviously we’re all going to have much longer downtimes than we had been promised. Absolutely I hope everyone will impart to FC how very disappointed they are IN THEM and will cheer on our modders that literally carry this game for a SIGNIFICANT amount of players. So bless our modders, buy them some damn coffee (and maybe booze) and offer them every kindness while they deal with this awful blow FC has dealt us all, but especially them.

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Good luck guys!
:metal: :smiling_imp:


Yeah, it’s definitely a bummer they didn’t keep their word but also not surprising at all.

I hope all you wonderful modders take your time and not rush. Please realize for every loud mouth giving flak, there are 5 other silent supporters who love you and your efforts.


That being said, I seriously wouldn’t mind if they pushed back the release date by a week. There are some issues (Legendary Armor Kits from Tempersmiths among others) that haven’t been given a resolution ETA and the extra week would be nice for modders…


My disappointment with the tiny window of time Mod developers were given with the toolkit before release cannot be overstated.


Lol dammit, I just finished sketching out my house from sandstone :joy: Now it’s all gonna collapse cuz it relies on Multigun’s support beams :smiley: :smiley:
Oh well :smiley:

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(Just checking in while I wait for the devkit to load, my free time is basically gone for the next 5 days).

Can’t say for certain, but when I tested PEB during Testlive it ran fine. Even if there are issues, PEB is super high priority. I may not get to some of my other mods in time, but LBPR and PEB are items #1 and #2 in terms of priority.


I have a feeling your javelin mod may suddenly shoot up in popularity a bit (though I’ve considered it essential since I first saw it), if only for the fact that it makes it that javelins are useable in melee on horseback.


This one’s deep sympathies and condolences.
Not an enviable position for tasks that are often done for donations. If you keep gods, inform this one and they shall make appropriate offering for good fortune or at least placation.
Unless it’s Crom. If any modder, sans irony, actually keeps covenant with Crom… Then this one will be very quiet on the matter, as the master of disaster is already giving plenty of opportunity to strive. Ayesh.

Well, at least we all now know what official policy from corporate is with regards to what length of time can be considered ample.
This one usually assumes a full week and the weekends attached on both sides for even small projects… But this one is obviously old and slow.


The attitude from FC seems to be that we should all just be grateful they allow mods to be made for their game.

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