Update announcements?

Just a thing multiple people had already brought up ages ago but it still isn’t really a thing:

Why are update announcements not a thing for Conan Exiles? Please, give us a date for when the game is being updated.

As an admin on a modded server myself, it’s always nice when we are able to let our players know when the mods we use get updated, so they can get to safe locations and not start anything that could cause them problems.
Whereas for actual, official game updates, this isn’t a thing. We can just say “there may be an update soon…ish… perhaps.”

Modders can do it, why can’t Funcom itself let us know when the game is being patched instead of just tossing it out there?
At least a date, maybe even an approximate timeframe.

It would be highly appreciated, and would even help build the hype for the game, so win win?


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