Next Massive Update, tell us the date sooner

The next time FunCom decides to release a massive update, like what they’ve just released, can you please give us the date of release more then just a couple of days before hand?
Yes, I know they announced this update a month ago, but (as far as I’m aware) they only announced the 5th of December as the release date, a couple of days ago.
I’ve been too busy the last 2 weeks to put any real time into playing. I had assumed, based on things I’d read (suggestions from other users/players mostly, I will admit) that this update would come out sometime around the middle of the month (like the 15th~ish) and was planning to spend some of my free time this weekend (the 7th-8th) getting ready for it (ie: using mods to pick up Legacy Thralls and box them to hopefully convert them to the new system). But no, it turns out the date was announced 3 or so days and the date was yesterday… great.

I now, really don’t feel like playing the game this weekend, and given that this is the only time I’ll have in the foreseeable future to actually do give the game the time I think it deserves, that may mean I won’t play the game again this year. There’s a very good chance now that I’ll just loose interest and won’t even come back when I do have free time next year. Conan Exiles had been the second best game I’d played this year (only Subnautica topped it) and I’d rather not loose interest in it, but this has really just annoyed and disappointed me.

So yeah, maybe next time you’ve got a big update in the pipeline (especially if it’s something as game changing and/or controversial), maybe don’t just go “It’s coming sometime next month! It’s coming! It’s coming tomorrow!”. Maybe say “It’s coming sometime next month! It’s coming on this date, which is 2 weeks from now!”

I’m just venting because I’m annoyed, but still, give us a little more actually warning before it actually does happen, next time.

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