When is the 3.0 update coming out?

I have the worst case of acid reflux…

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Sometime in the future.


Eventually. Quality takes time. If they rush it, people will rage harder than if they delayed it.


If they wait much longer, we might all just be playing Conan Exiles irl.


there are soooo much goodness coming in the future. I hope that FC can get 3.0 out in time to keep my intererst while engourging myself in Bloodhunt just at the end of this month and Dune in the near future (hopefully 3.0 comes out between these two)

So no updates, no more DLCs? Is it “terminated”?


You haven’t read? Jeff Bezos hired Funcom to deploy a real world version of their building system for the upcoming lunar excursion scheduled for fall 2023 - so all resources have been diverted until further notice. I thought everyone knew??? Conan Exiles 3.0 is even code named “Lunar Exiles” - which apparently caught Jeff’s eye, and rest is history as they say…



Don’t listen to Tele, it’s obviously terminated. I mean, they said they’re focusing on developing version 3.0 of their product, so that definitely means they are not going to actually do anything and they’ve abandoned Conan Exiles. That’s how every company does it, right? They announce a new major version, but that’s just a way of saying they’re really abandoning development.



Hoping for some news soon, its been just over 6 months now since it was first mentioned and over 2 months since the producers letter mentioning more to come in 2022, so I thought we’d at least get some info about what’s to come by now.


Personally I think there should have been something by now but I think FUNCOM is trying to get done with the server mergers first. It wouldn’t make sense to do this huge update and then proceed to delete a whole bunch of new and returning players progress, just not a smart idea. An expected date based upon the server merger list though would probably be late May or early June.


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as Mr. Bull says “It will take as long as it takes!”, better dont be anxious about it.

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Be careful Mr. Meth, it’s well known that Mr. [secret] Code is a mage level spy for the NSA monitoring all communications across the globe and misdirecting any and all interested parties concerning the Lunar Barbarian Project (LBP). Yesterday he was on the African mirror of these forums saying essentially the same thing is Swahili in order to misdirect them as well!

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This one would love a little update, teaser, or clue as to what is coming.
While Funcom loves to play their cards close to the chest and maintain an opaque update schedule, it does get very uninspiring after half a year. There is building anticipation, and there is letting the hype die from neglect. This one first found out about the Nemedian DLC from it’s backend listing on Steam. It would be nice if there were a bit more enthusiasm generated in house.

Realistically, no roll out should be expected until after the server-pocalypse pt1 is completed. Even then, this one almost expects server merger pt2 Electric Bugaloo to happen before 3.0 is released.

Content droughts are not healthy for a game that has made noises about being considered a “games as a service” model product. While big things require time, living things require care and attention. Finding the balance for trickling teasers and engagement is not the meanest of feats… But is also not impossible.

Perhaps, this one worries, 3.0 will be ready right before Funcom closes for Summer break and drop with some critical errors that make the game either unplayable or significantly less stable, with no reprieve for some time to come…


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