Conan Exiles 3.0

I’ve read somewhere (don’t remember where) that the 3.0 patch will be a Major Update … ok, it makes sense, since the name itself suggest it’s gonna be that, but …

Do someone knows what will it be ? Or WHEN will it be implemented ?
The News and Announcements Section doesn’t report anything about that.



We currently have version 2.6.2, there will definitely be 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 updates before 3.0. If we assume a month of time between them, we will receive 3.0 update at the end of March. But it’s better not to rush. Doing great things takes time :snail:


For some time, with every major update we get things that were previously only available through the mods (orb of nergal, shattered weapons, in-game preview for wheel of pain, pick up walls). It is possible that we will get another thing :star_struck:


Hopefully a lot of new character customization options like faces hair and beards


Near the release of Isle of Siptah, they admitted that they are working on new character customization options - but it could have been what we already got with Siptah (a few new types of face and hair).
Unless they referred to something else :stuck_out_tongue: and they haven’t shown it to us yet.

I also remember they were checking a certain system similar to what we saw in mods.
A little hint: What the Exiled Lands map has for a long time and the Isle of Siptah one is still missing?
Answer: Fast travel system / personal teleportation. :dizzy:

They never said if the game would actually receive this feature and they did not associate it with 3.0 update, but still this is my best guess of what we can expect. Which means that there will be something more - such a function would have to be really extended if it were to be the “biggest update” to the game.

Some Pippi mod elements would be wild! :smirk_cat: But there is no reason to suppose that they will give us anything from it :no_mouth:


Thx for answers guys.
Those are cool stuff (even tho I hope they won’t limit to JUST that).

Also (I’m sure they already went over this a few hundred times) is it out of question an expansion of the Map (Land of Exiles I mean) ? There is about a 25% unused space and the map room itself have room for other 2 pillars.


As far as I’m aware, Exiled Lands has always been said to be out of room for expansion (dungeons are in the empty space etc). But 3.0 is a ‘big update’ so at the moment all speculation is valid :slight_smile:


depending on what you mean,
could EL map get any bigger? no
could there be more dungeons or similar POI in EL, pretty sure yes

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There is no “definitely” regarding that. Game versions don’t have to cover every number. The very next patch could be 3.0 - though I think they said it wouldn’t be until after the new year.

Those who know aren’t talking. Funcom did not provide any hints aside from it being big.

There had been two more dungeons planned for the Exiled Lands that we have not heard about for quite some time. I don’t know if one or both will be included in 3.0, but we should get them eventually.


I see …
Don’t know you guys, but I don’t really like dungeons :frowning:

I was hoping for something different, like new camps in the map (I’d love some in the Frost Needle Forest (which is extremely cool, and extremely useless as well). and things like that.

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Uh, those were released. Warmakers, and Wine Cellar. No other dungeons were said to be planned at that point and the dungeon creation goal was long ago met. (Not saying there wouldn’t be any for sure ever, just saying that you are confusing your time line a bit).

Nobody knows anything. There has not even been a whisper, the slightest hint offered. No details, no release date (Funclm almost never gives a release date for anything until just before it comes out, at best) nothing given. Everything discussed in this thread is speculation and hypothesis, nothing more.


Once they talked in a dev stream about a fast traval solution. Can’t find this now, but it wasn’t about 3.0 I think that was because there is no option in siptah. They said not like map rooms… I think they talked about a mod with christals. I play on PlayStation so I don’t realy know much about mods :sweat_smile:

I wish they add a public market to trade your stuff with other players or npc.

But I would be realy happy when they only fix the bugs and this horrible rendering on PlayStation.

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What I had heard was there were three more dungeons planned prior to Wine Cellar’s release.

I am not sure where I heard that from, but while looking for it, I did find this old post that mentions three more dungeons. The timing of it is after Midnight Grove and before Warmaker and Wine Cellar, which still leaves one dungeon unaccounted for.

Edit: Never mind, I forgot the Silver Mine. I guess that covers that post. It is possible whoever I heard about the upcoming dungeons from was incorrect, but when I heard it was between Warmaker and Wine Cellar.

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It would be nice if we could have our own Obelisks (I mean, people could study existing ones and replicate them). That would be a cool way to travel from base to base. This way it would be possible to keep distant outposts without having to travel.

Yes, yes, don’t get angry … I know the crusade against people who spam the map with cities, I don’t want to talk about it, I’m just throwing ideas.

Hopefully they got dynamic building damage to work and it’ll be on official servers, so offline raiding will be a thing of the past.


what is that ?

It’s a setting so that one hour (or some other time limit) after you or your whole clan go offline your buildings become invulnerable. They were going to implement it a while ago, but it was pulled because there were exploits they hadn’t figured out how to fix.

I think it’s an option for private servers?


That’d make pvp a lot more tolerable, long term.

I would love a way of setting my own obelisk, but hrm, not so sure about that in PvP, can’t help but think that’ll cause no end of issues…heh

Perhaps, use the Map-room itself as a kind of marker or obelisk, that way you could TP home (or back to your own map-room)

That would limit it to a degree, but still make it useful. you could TP to any map-room your clan puts down.

As I see there are a couple things, that players ask devs to do long time. First one is sorcery already partially in game. It is implemented through divine altars. Second one is sea predators. You can find some clues about that in Exiled Lands and on Siptah. Besides, not long ago the devs implement ability to fight while you swim. Of course, it’s my opinion (and my wish) and I could be wrong

Sea monsters?

Whoa, that would properly ruin me! ( I have to swim to get to my base lol)

Hrm, best start building a bridge I think…

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