The Isle of Siptah and Mod Updates - A Plea for Patience

Hello there.

We are in the final hours before Conan Exiles first Expansion, The Isle of Siptah, where it launches in Early Access for PC. This post is meant to be informative with regards to Siptah and modding Conan Exiles.

With that, I ask that you please be aware. Siptah has made a lot of changes to various systems in Conan Exiles. Nearly every mod will need updating to some extent (not just my own, which basically all need updating themselves, and what I have been working on nearly non stop the last few days).

Please note, that it may take some time for many modders to complete various updates. Even when we do roll out our updates, we may not be aware of other issues that didn’t come across during our testing due to the fact so much has changed. As such, it may require that we update our mods more frequently than normal as we become aware of issues that could be require immediate fixing.

So what I ask is that you give mod authors, including myself, time and patience to roll out updates for the new Siptah expansion. It may take us several days, maybe even weeks, before all the major mods are up and running to their full extent.

Furthermore, Funcom is going to have their hands full. This is the biggest release update to Conan Exiles since the 1.0 release in May of 2018. The expansion is Early Access, and as such it should be treated that way. Some features are not finalized or are still being fully fleshed. There can and will be bugs. Help the Funcom dev team out with good, extensive reports and feedback on the forums about what you are seeing. With bug reports, try to create reproduction steps and as much detail as you can provide.

But remember, especially in the first several days of this update, that you please make sure you are 10000% certain it’s not a mod update issue or incompatibility before posting a comment or bug report. Funcom needs to be able to focus on the issues they can control, and people often flood Funcom with bug reports that are exclusive to mods. Please do your part and just make sure that what you are experiencing is a game issue, and not a mod issue.

Thank you


Completely agree.

And also to watch the respective Discord groups. Any private server Admins not already on Discord, at the very least, go on to the Conan Exiles discord group (and the Admins United: Conan group as well).


Don’t forget to create a backup of your servers because this update is massive.


Just to reiterate… and for the love of God, do not complain about mods having to update multiple times. There’s a few mods that have to update frequently because of methods of development, and everytime some people complain about having to restart their servers because of it. If a mod is updating too much, just turn it off. The authors are far too busy to listen to that. They’ve heard it before, they’ve already made their choices. Make yours.

Mod authors give us a ton of content for free, without any compensation. They do so out of love of the game and they don’t need any added stress during these updates.


I still don’t understand why people get upset if a mod has to update a few times before running without any problems. Or even worse, if there are such fundamental changes at the base game, getting angry at modders that the mods don’t instantly work with these changes.

Getting free updates on free content is like the best thing ever and that’s why I love modders and their dedication.

So yeah, thanks for all the hard work you guys put into your projects, you are a big part in the effort to keep the game alive! :heart:


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