Don't release: Siptah > Early acces if its not done

Dear players and devs,

Please do NOT release the Isle of Siptah out of the early acces when it’s NOT DONE.

Things described in the following post MUST be present when you launch the DLC to a release:

Releasing the DLC when parts are incomplete (not done) is something we should avoid at all cost.

Because this will hurt the game image and popularity significantly.

I personally prefer a good experience LATER (extend the release date) than a TAINTED experience because the DLC wasn’t ready before leaving early acces.

I really hope we gamers are taken more serious and investors should see why this is important. A populair game will always sell better in the long run than a “greedy cash grabbing release”.

In general I think we all should understand developing a game will take more time to complete than we are used to. Games became way more complex and have many more features which should work in harmony and needs the proper testing time.

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I second that. Even though Siptah is early access, the Exiled Lands is supposed to be a finished product, and patches for one are affecting the other. I currently play on the Exiled Lands and I cannot play anymore due to the last patch introducing game breaking performance issues.

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Okay, as a player, I promise not to release it before it’s done. :wink:

Sorry for teasing, I completely agree with you :slight_smile:


Haha thanks,

Just want to make sure players shouldn’t want, ask or beg for a release when it is not finished :stuck_out_tongue:


LMFAO really people are crying of an expansion that was launched in EA. It was no secret that Isle of Siptah was being released in EA. If you chose to buy it before it’s official launch that’s on you as a player not on the Dev’s. This was a new concept brought out by funcom with new dynamics and clearly a trial. Thus the EA for it. Siptah was clearly not like any of the other DLC’s before it. I am on happy with what they have done and as always they clearly are working on improving it. The coming changes to Siptah are welcomed and looked forward to by me and sure by others as well. Keep up the great work and hope that Funcom continues to add and improve to the game.

First of all who’s crying? I see no one crying, if its feedback you refer to…

Anyway, the state this DLC is in isn’t great, releasing it without the fixes promised in the producers letter is not going to make it magically better.

If they decide to release it with maybe 1 problem resolved it is going to be a terrible release and will hurt the popularity and sales. We are not hiding behing the EA tag after a release anymore…

For example, you can’t sell a good car without its wheels.

A release should be how the game or dlc is intended, not a work in progress to fix afterwards, with even more negative reviews.

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Then I suppose certain players will have to move on to other games that are in EA to complain about the changes and developments of it as well. Seeing as I have never played any game released in EA that didn’t still need improvements and changes made to it. But I am again just one lonely observer but even being that my statements are true. I have always been one to say if you don’t like the game then move on. Especially if you don’t have anything constructive to say. At least with Exiles and Siptah the developers are listening to the players and are continuously improving it to make it more enjoyable for us who truly enjoy the game.

Present, tested, patched and in a good state*

Call me a pessimist but we can expect those changes to come in a half baked state at first, and then after some feedback/patches/bugfixes be in a good spot to be sold as a finished product.


I wish certain people would move on to forum topics that are actually complaining. Nobody in this thread complained about Siptah being in early access, or about what Funcom does to Siptah while it’s in early access. All @prologue1337 is asking for is to not release Siptah out of early access until it’s actually ready.

Come on, man, a bit of careful reading won’t kill you.


So complain about something that hasn’t even happened yet. Ya good job lmfao

Except they’re not complaining. They’re asking politely, in a constructive manner. You know, unlike a hypothetical someone who looked at the forums, saw all the threads full of toxic buggers hurling abuse at Funcom, and chose this one to troll.

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In case you didn’t know, they mentioned the release still on the same date.
I doubt they can fully update Siptah to the mentioned “producer letter”, before the release.

This can result in a too early release and unfinished.

The majority doesn’t like the current state of Siptah (see producers letter), what will change if the changes are not ready on release?

I advice you to read more thoroughly. Asking is not complaining.

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I am aware of the changes they are making to SIptah due to players observations and complaints. I am also glad that they are making these changes to Siptah prior to launch. Is there going to be bugs most definitely. Is the game going to be perfect doubtfully. Will Funcom continue to work on fixing and found bugs or issues most definitely. My with this post was that you were asking for a glitch free game before they launch it, this won’t ever happen. Siptah was done for the most part when they brought it out in EA. The reason for such drastic changes was due to player feed back. Same thing happened with exiles with the total combat redue before launch. I get tired of hearing people complain about the game that yes has bugs and some issues. But for those of us that have been playing Conan during Exiles EA know the leaps and bounds this game has made and how far the game has improved since then. Not to mention how it continues to improve. I would rather them launch the game with minor bugs that they can continue to work on while allowing for the game to continuously improve rather then hold it back in EA forever and due to lack of income Funcom eventually abandoning the game. Yes players come and go. But no matter how you look at it Exiles and Siptah are still one of the top survival games out there. Players need to just be patient and enjoy the improvements they continue to make due to player feedback.

But good luck with your hopes and dreams and I know future game play.

I didn’t ask for a glitch free or bug free game… I simply asked not to release Siptah without the changes done mentioned in the producers letter.

What am I doing anyway… I don’t have to defend myself for assumptions.

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Lmao well you would have to be an idiot to think they would release it without implementing the changes they said they were going to. But I guess not everyone is use to how this works.

Feeding the troll :wink:

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