Isle of Siptah Full Release May 27th on All Platforms

  • May 27th Release on PC / Console
  • Twitch Drops with the Launch of Siptah
  • Microsoft Game pass Soon (Xbox / PC)

Trailer: Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah - New and enhanced - YouTube


Can’t see us console players getting it on the 27th of this month look at the video it says 27 of march no platform showing

Yes. It is coming to all platforms on May 27th.
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Hi guys. Super excited about Siptah release on 27 may. I do have many questions my community are asking me for when we switch to the new map. But most important are.

  1. Will we be able to transfer character (levels and inventory) from exiles to siptah
  2. Cost of the DLC
  3. Will it include the 2.4 update with the new biomes?

Yes, the final release of Isle of Siptah will include 2.4 on consoles.
Regarding server transfers, the feature is still being worked on. Once we have a final release date for it we’ll announce it.
The price for the Expansion DLC will also be announced in the upcoming days.


Thanks bud

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why announce the release date for consoles with out the price…as this will greatly affect current conan player base and private gportal servers? will you be able to port everything from current conan to siptah, again this will greatly affect current private servers.

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How can Funcom announce the release date without a price? That is absurd. Mind you, it doesn’t affect me, as I already have all the DLC on PC and don’t even own a console. It is however, highly unregular to announce a release date without a price, the two go hand in hand. Perhaps it would be understandable if the release were 6 months away but it’s to be released 21 days from now. 21 days, are you kidding?!


I read that it would not be the same price as Early acces. I imagine that the price will oscillate between 25e and 30e

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Keep up the good work, I hope this will be great succes
Lot’s of good changes were made :+1:

where have you read this, price info. as I have seen nothing mentioned by Funcom on this. with 2 weeks to release and no price mentioned… not good Funcom, not good, are you afraid if you tell us the price because you’ll get a massive, well were done with that game, time to move on, reaction. because I know people that are already fearing the worst for console price, and have walked away already, we’re adults, we can take it…tell us the price.

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It is not about prices, it is an interview that they did with Scott, he went through the page here, and I read in it that the game would be more expensive when leaving early access, I do not know how much he did not put anything. In my opinion I think it will be between 25 and 30 e. Greetings


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