Release this now

Stop ■■■■■■■■ over console players and release Isle of Siptah on PS4 & Xbox now.

Why do you think you’re getting screwed? Siptah is in a rough place right now and you’ll probably get a better product if you can wait a few more months.


Because even if it has issues it will show that console support is continuing. Not all pc issuess carry over to consoles.

No, let them finish the damn product so it can be an attractive map for people, i love siptah but people don’t seem to like it. no one wants to play on empty servers.

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Only the ones that relate to hardware and drivers won’t carry over. Everything else will, and I’m pretty sure that the biggest problems with Conan Exiles right now are with gameplay and engine code, rather than hardware and drivers.

But hey, I wouldn’t mind them releasing everything for consoles the way it is right now. That’s because I’m not a very nice person and I enjoy occasional moments of schadenfreude :stuck_out_tongue:


Gameplay… whoo boy yeah needs love… But to my great surprise I am enjoying Modding the near blank canvas that I find Siptah to be in spare moments LOL.

But that’s not a console option so yeah please let them finish it some more, O.P. Believe you us you do NOT want the current edition. Plus if you go back to the recent producer letter there gonna (allegedly) revamp a chunk of the map and play mechanics. Even Fun com would not give you guys the current “version” on Pc then upgrade you to that Siptah 2.0 you can be sure that will all be done in one hit once they’ve used us Pc Boyz to troubleshoot (as per flippin’ usual!)

CodeMage your a Terrible old man. (I knew there was a reason I like you posts so much!)

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Lol, buy a PC.

I have one kid. I own this on steam but hate
all the issues steam causes on their back end

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