Why wait to release?

I’m on PC & Console my simple question to is why wait until the siptah map is out of Early Access to release it for console. I must say this is unfair to the console only community that enjoy the game. Yes PC version has bugs with Siptah but so does console especially Xbox. I say release the map as early access just like pc for console at least that way it is fair and it will help ease the console only players down from having you all hit them with a $40 price tag just for a map that pc players get to enjoy for just $19.99.

You guys really should read and listen to ALL community factions not just us alone in pc. It would make things so much easier on you all…

This is my first day on this forum I couldn’t stay quiet anymore after reading so many questions from the console faction that is STILL being ignored

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They’ve answered this question more than once, for example during the September 2020 dev stream. Scott Junior also addressed it in his letter:


Ah I see but you also have to remember they showed siptah working on console in the dev stream. Is it that they are trying to wring out the console players for more money by making them pay extra outside of the “early access” that pc only get.

It won’t be the first time this was done. They showed isle of siptah on xbox series and from what I saw it was working well enough to release. Maybe xbox one has a problem that isn’t allowing siptah to work but seeing all the bugs that 2.3 is doing, they should still release the DLC now rather than wait.

Early 2021 is QTR 1 when looking at it from a financial standpoint so false advertising is also something against them but early in some countries is the first 5 months so technically still in early 2021.

I crash from time to time even on pc but that can be from the amount of mods on the server :rofl: but from what I heard/read console players rather they release the map and fix the bugs after. Mainly because even when they say the bugs have been fixed it still has alot more even new ones…

You claim you play both on PC and a console. Did you start playing on PC recently? Because that’s the only explanation I can come up with. If you have been playing on PC since they announced Siptah, then you either haven’t been paying attention at all or you’re just colossally dishonest.

Anyone who has played Siptah when it was first made available through early access knows that what it’s like now is vastly different from what it was like back then. It took Funcom almost 8 months to get Siptah to where it is now. Imagine how much longer that would have been, if they had to wait a couple of weeks for each update to hit the console because of the certification process.

I’ll repeat that, just in case anyone missed it: many players already criticize Funcom for taking too long between patches, imagine adding a couple of weeks of certification process to each one.

So here’s the thing. If you want to come here and vent, do us all a favor and be honest about it. Don’t pretend you’re posting a reasonable question when you’re not even interested in the answer.

This whole theory about doing early access only for PC so they can get more money from console players is pure FUD, and it makes no sense from financial standpoint either. Part of the reason early access was invented as a concept was to give studios a way to get money for unfinished product. It makes no sense to restrict early access for financial reasons – that’s what closed betas are for.

So instead of pretending you’re the champion of the downtrodden console players, uncovering some nefarious conspiracy, how about you actually admit that you’re frustrated because you’re not getting what you want when you want and are just fishing for attention?


Funcom is “waiting” the game as we speak. They “waited” so long that Isle of Siptah is finally “waitn’t”.

It not about releasing faster. It’s about having to go through certification that made Funcom release bigger patches for consoles.

Not everyone is like you. Yes I have been on pc playing conan from day one, no I didn’t buy siptah as soon as it was released for pc, so maybe I don’t know how hard it was, I waited until late November before I purchased the map.

I’m not trying to be what you think, just because I criticize them for doing this doesn’t mean I’m the bad guy here. Let me make this clear for you. All the patches could have easily been put out at the same time with PC but no they rather bulk multiple patches as one where of course Sony and Microsoft will take longer to certify because it’s a huge change. If they released it together with pc think about how bloody easier it would have been. Multiple game companies release addons for both PC AND Console the same time without problems so before you come here playing FC defender try to remember that smaller AND bigger companies are able to at least settle both factions and not just one.

I play lots of games that have a release for both PC and Consoles and I can tell you that there’s a good number of them that do the same thing. Release 3-4 patches for PC and 1 big patch for Consoles. It’s a common practice in the industry.
Most patches are buggy or require more balancing at launch and you can do hotfixes to adress some issues pretty fast on PC. Hotfixes on Console are nearly impossible because of the certification time required and can make players unable to play for a good chuck of time.
Funcom has done updates for Consoles before, to be on par with PC, and it left alot of people upset because of the gamebreaking bugs or lack of balance.
Most people don’t want the experience you’re asking right now. There’s your answer.


Look at how simple the answer could have been yet Funcom themselves can’t answer it. A lot of other games are able to release patches together because they throughly test their games to make sure it is in good working order or at least close enough. A bad example of trying to release patches together would be CD Project Red but Outriders for example is so far able to release hot fixes very quickly compared to FC.

But I do understand where you are coming from but a little PR work and communication goes a long way. At least some (again some) other companies at least have the decency to at least explain to all communities why it is having problems with a release.

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Criticism is one thing. Unfounded accusations are another. It’s perfectly possible to criticize them for adopting a strategy that was certain to backfire on them, without accusing them of lying and being greedy.

No, they couldn’t. Which part of “certification process takes at least a week” is the one that isn’t clear after all this time?

What would have been easier and for whom? If you mean easier for Funcom, then the answer is still no, and it’s still for the same reasons they explained repeatedly. If you mean easier for the players, then the answer is maybe, but it would have been slower.

Getting to where we are now would have taken a lot longer than 8 months. Not only would that have frustrated all the players across the board, but more importantly, it would have been a steep price for Funcom to pay. A couple of months is a big difference when you have to keep paying people’s salaries.

They bloody have. Repeatedly. Seriously, did you watch the video or read the letter? The links are there, you just have to click on them.


Again you say that they couldn’t because of certification. Look I don’t know how much you think you know about certification but it takes at least a day or 2 once it is in working conditions. Again example outriders certification for all platforms took only 35 hours because they bloody release small patches but when it’s big they thoroughly test it with the big companies standards so again you’re just making excuses for them. You should look into the history of funcom see how they were and still is then come back and see if you still argue over nothing…

Look I enjoy their game, it’s fun yet buggy but i will call them out over doing things like this if you do have a problem with my criticism of how they do things then just ignore me and move on.

Again I will say this as much as I criticize them about how they operate, here I am still supporting them by buying there games.

They answer the question you say but have not gone into full detail. You say it will take longer to release… really? You really think a few days is longer wow just wow :unamused:

Seriously, how hard is it to go watch a couple of minutes of that video – the link is set to the correct timestamp – and then spend a minute more reading the letter?

They say “a week or longer” in the video. And Scott Junior explains that the “console submission times have also greatly increased due to the pandemic and first party changes related to the next generation of consoles”. It’s there in the letter and it’s there in the quote I copied from that letter into this very thread.

Look, I don’t know how much you think you know about game development, but if you really think you can help Funcom release smaller patches, I suggest you offer them your assistance.

In all seriousness, I’ve spent some time working in the game industry, and the one thing I took away from that stint is how freaking complicated and hard it is. And that’s why I’m always amazed when there’s someone on the forums who is so confident that they could do a better job on someone else’s game than the developers of that game.

Anyway, I’m done with this discussion. As they say, you can lead the horse to the water, but you can’t make it drink.


It really amazes me how some people can get and I never said I can do a better job I stated where a few companies release patches a lot faster and it only takes them a couple of hours which was proven by the developers of those games but hey you do you.

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