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Please allow me a few minutes to share some thoughts and feel free to correct me if iam wrong aswell.

Iam pretty amazed how Funcom can sleep at night, to completely ignore 2 platforms of playerbases when announcing and creating hype for a long waited expansion/DLC for Conan. Dont get me wrong i love the game in all aspects BUT…

To announce this, and release it for PC and just leave the other platforms behind is not cool (Iam not gonna include the update process for console) Siptah is released in Sep 2020 and its now May 2021 during this time PC has got various updates and changes (which now) has also come to console. But the thing iam most upset about is that they have had time to create new bioms and adding alot of stuff and changes to PC, and they havent even dropped it for console yet.

Its a bit off putting, when they work so hard to improve the game that only applies for 1 platform and the other 2 platforms havent even got the DLC yet, That shows in my opinion that console players are a second class playerbase and that funcom dosent mind if they will have to wait or just get tired of waiting and just gives up on Conan, as they still have the PC base left.

Dont get me wrong its good that they create new bioms and put alot of work into Siptah but to do it with the cost of ■■■■■■■ off 2 platforms is not the way to go, Put the energy into getting the game out for all platforms, and then put the effort into the fine details of the game when everyone can enjoy it.

In some wierd way, i actually hope that the majority of the console playerbase is tired of waiting and being left in the shadows just drops the game and dont even buy the Siptah DLC so Funcom can feel the economic pain of losing a lagre amount of players, just because they left them out in the rain and focused only on the PC playerbase.


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To make one thing clear. Siptah is not released yet. The PC community is currently acting as early access beta testers. If there is anything to complain about at all, then you should ask Playstation why early access is not allowed on their platform. If Sony did not block itself out in this regard, Siptah’s Early Access would also have been available on consoles.

I hope my information is still up to date. I ask for correction if I am wrong.


Ha, I still get a kick out of an EA DLC. I always thought the “C” in DLC was content, not a testlive. Ive always referred to Siptah as Conan 2…makes more sense to be in EA to me that way!

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Yes, an EA DLC is really a strange thing and initially gave me a “you’re kidding me” feeling. But on the other hand, so much has been changed and revised on Siptah in the meantime and the wishes of the players have been met that I’m really happy about it. Revisions as we have now received would not be possible with a completed DLC. If you look at the smaller DLCs, you will find that nothing could be changed there. Missing building components or other content that players wanted were never added afterwards.


Hey there,

We have already addressed this issue in a recent post:


I hope you’re serious about that :slight_smile:

Do you know why they did it? Because they’ve actually addressed that question multiple times. One of those times was during the September 2020 dev stream. Another was in Scott Junior’s letter to community, where he said:

So that’s why they did that. Now let’s go on to whether they were right:

Sorry for being pedantic, but in the interest of avoiding misunderstandings, the Isle of Siptah DLC has not been released yet. It was made available to PC players through early access program in September 2020, but it still hasn’t been released. Before early access, it went through a closed beta. There are other forum-goers who have participated in it and they can speak up if they choose to.

Why is this important? Because it took Funcom almost 8 months to get Siptah to where it is now. Anyone who has played it in September 2020 can tell you how drastically different it is now from what it was back then. That process of change took almost 8 months.

Now imagine how long it would have taken if Funcom had to wait a couple of weeks for console certification every single time they wanted to let a patch drop. Many PC players are already complaining that the iteration process is slow as it is. Tack one or two weeks on top of that for every single patch.

You might be tempted to say “So what, at least we would all have been having fun participating in early access.” Two problems with that. The smaller problem with that reasoning is that not everyone would describe this early access process as “fun”. A lot of PC players have been frustrated during the Siptah early access.

But that’s the smaller problem. The bigger problem is that the need to iterate as quickly as they can has nothing to do with whether we’re having fun or not. It’s that developing software costs money. People need to be paid their salaries. Making the early access process longer would have cost more in the long run.


Don’t forget how expensive it is to update stuff on those platforms specifically. Certification ain’t free. Sony and MS don’t do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Just putting forward a title update for a game can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.


Exactly, stop letting Sony and MS own you and buy a real gaming platform. Once you go PC, you never go back.


To be honest well… the entire Conan game never really came out of beta testing ^^
The exile lands “suffered” (not the right term but, yes it is also the right term) a lot of patches and updates, and (not so)hotfixes and yaddayaddayadda…
I’m not saying that I like this but it’s the nature itself of this game… not even the thoth amon/mummy thing have ever been finished or completed (as far as I know) so… it’s no point to rant nowadays.
This game has some years over it shoulders now and the player community got used to that. Is the best way to publish a game? Hell no in my opinion, but this is how Conan always worked…
You better make peace with that *_^


Platform wars has nothing to do with it. It’s just all economics and the kind of nonsense that causes the disparity in updates between platforms. Sony and MS do want ‘it just works’-tier experiences for their customers and the amount of people you need to ensure that and the infrastructure to distribute it all (that you control) costs money. PC meanwhile doesn’t have that middleman and cost so you can push updates as you like - though, because of the limitless amounts of potential hardware and software configurations your userbase may have there’s a greater potential for needing more hotfixes and other hidden problems cropping up.

Trade-offs are a part of everything and one’s choice of how they play games is no different.


As I said, get a PC

Hello friends, couple things:

  1. Console players are perfectly valid and we understand the frustration behind OP’s message; we apologize for making console players seem “second-class” or otherwise less important. Certainly not our intent, but we get why it seems like that, especially with Siptah’s early access period only being on PC. Console players eager for news on Siptah won’t have to wait much longer.

  2. If you have any specific concerns about our moderation practices, please message me directly. That said, 99% of the time, moderators and staff act upon community flags and we can agree or disagree with them as they come up. If you’re finding your posts consistently flagged and hidden or removed as a result, please consider why that may be the case, and please consider re-evaluating your angle or approach so as to be more constructive and contribute to civilized discourse.



More or less, lol.

I’m quite happy to let pc iron out as many problems as they can before it gets released to console. Spares us the frustration of dealing with them. I made my own post about funcoms lack of communication towards console users but I now consider myself a bit hasty in my judgement. Coming in and stamping feet will not bring the release date any closer, any quicker but will certainly manage to get people doing so even more frustrated.

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Yes let pc iron out the problems and also you don’t need a pc to game i got a new Xbox it’s better than my friends pc so don’t feel forgotten buddy things will get better :blush:

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