Why are console players being ignored?

Do the good people at funcom realise that console players pay the same amount as PC and deserve the same level of attention? Honestly this is bordering on ridiculous. It’s been half a year or more since ANYTHING was done to this game for consoles!! If you have no intention of keeping all platforms of the game up to the same state of play than you should offer refunds. Period. It’s disgraceful that Xbox and PlayStation have had no attention whatsoever and PC has had a complete DLC including a new map and multiple fixes and patches. Meanwhile us inferior second rate console users are nearly a full year behind. That’s absolutely useless and piss poor customer service. You should be advertising just how far behind consoles are before more people waste money here.


I have to agree, and the support for console is pretty much non existent, the forum is full of bug complaints, connection issues, practically all server’s are impossible to logon to, and there is barely a response from them, I would say they have given up with console’s and that all console player’s should move on and find another game, seems cyberpunk has set a trend for game development


Consoles have to go through a certification process upon any change to the code. That has taken awhile in the past.

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Oh, yeah… needs years.

Honestly the flip up most patches and therefore needed hotfixes, which then again needed certifications…

So you all want a patch to have Siptah today? It won’t run on console. You will literally get a game that won’t launch.

Its my understanding you all can still play singleplayer and private servers. If you get a Siptah patch, you won’t even get to stare at a title screen.

Is that what you all want?

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No, what would be awesome is to be able to play the exiled lands but even that is not possible these days, only a short window in the mornings is the dose of conan that is allowed since october and no relief in sight.


There is more to this than just siptah map. Xbox has had stability issues for a year and a bit now. Neither console has received ANY patches or hot fixes since last may or August. Certification does not take that long as some have suggested, it’s just not even a priority of any significance and therein lies my issue. Even a small patch addressing some bugs or even just the bloody opening cinematic working would be a bone thrown our way. But no instead we get another developer letter saying alot and delivering nothing.


There’s nothing to certify. The patch you have is the latest update that is functional on the system.

You’re asking them to cease development on Siptah for a patch that could take several months. Well they’re doing that, while adding Siptah.

The issues you all are having are still present even in our build. We just have hardware that overcomes it. You don’t (well maybe PS5 users may).


Nothing to certify is exactly my issue! Just don’t worry about it mate I’ve voiced my opinion that more work needs to be done on consoles I don’t need convincing otherwise. Working on paid DLC’s while base game is at such a horrid state on console should not be a thing. I don’t want to read the usual they need money to fix things, what have they managed with the cash they made so far? A game where even the opening cinematic don’t work 🤦 funcom are aware of platform limitations so that’s no excuse not to have an optimised version being sold for consoles as well as PC. If it can’t be done with the available hardware than why rip ppl and still sell it??


Horse follow distance, Stam/ Hot/Col resist changes and other minor things are adjusted on PC side… we are still waiting. Not even about Sitpah stuff, there all crafting stations and minor adjustment that have come and gone. Alot of console side issues going on.

None of Console player feed back on several of those things will even matter by time we get it.

Which is honestly what I hate the most, are voice wont decide how “some” content will work…

Also abit fusrated Gportal server has been down 80% of time. Adding to my frustration…


hi everyone i was wondering if someone could tell me when can we plant trees on xbox one or ps4 it’s been years since this on computer and we can’t even … same thing for all the extensions we don’t have …

@Benji if you mean stuff that is in mods, then never. Conan was not built with mods on console in mind and I imagine doing so would be more effort than can be considered worthwhile. Unless funcom decide to incorporate some features that mods use into the base game. But that is highly unlikely. Not that it wouldn’t be nice. As an Xbox player I would love to see it. But it is what it is.

Believe me, you don’t want this… wait for the release of siptah on consoles and the hopefully, clean upgrade.

It’s a hard not life for us man join the club i see this is for ps4 be lucky your not playing on the Xbox bro the game has been crashing like crazy since September of 2020 go have a look at those forums lots of mad people i swear it’s sad at this point


According to FUNdamentallly inCOMpetent, you’ll have to buy the PC version, in order to test the new early access content and give your feedback about it. So you better give them more money.

I believe that @Darkzombie is speaking how most of console players feel but @Taemien is right here. I am a simple player, console player so I don’t know what it needs for this game to run in consoles. All I know is when I play this game the last 2 years my ps4 console is sound like helicopter. My small knowledge from machines can make me understand that this game is performed by this machine very difficult, there for it sounds like this. @CodeMage you have to excuse me for this comparison again, but even minecraft is the half game than the pc version. So all I wish is for ps5, the new console, to be able to walk side by side for some years with pc. I believe that all this time we were just lucky, or the company made a great effort so the game can be performed equally on pc and consoles. But we want always more, the game must go in front, pc can be upgraded easily, consoles however can’t.
So yes, I feel a little bit disappointed that I still cannot see the new contents of the game, but I can’t blame them if my console just cannot perform it :cry:. So either I wait or I go pc. For now i’ ll wait a bit more, but I am very sure that sooner or later I have to go pc :pensive:. I just like the safety that console gives me and ofcurce my flat TV set and my couch :joy::joy::joy:.


Or maybe it’s because of the PlayStation policies on early access games, like they explained repeatedly. Not everything Funcom does is a giant money-grabbing conspiracy.


Far from it. I think it comes down more to what I personally feared would happen with siptah. It’s just too much for funcom to handle. They were way behind the 8 ball and struggling to make the game stable for bloody years before they had two seperate maps to concern themselves with. Now they are working on nearly a total rework of Siptah so I’m betting no patches/bug fixes or updates for console in the even distant future. O don’t think funcom are money grabbing, I think they are just a wee bit deluded as to their actual capabilities.


Try explaining that to Mr. I Have A Clever Name For Funcom And I Must Spam It On Every Thread over there :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I can assure you that this game has a lot of fun girls too. Except the fact that most i’ ve meet hate stamina loss or inventory loss, there are plenty of them that play this game way better than to many fan boys, that played this game for years. We may see or wish different things about this game but we both agree that this game didn’t even appeal 50% of it’s possibilities. Maybe you see a game over soon but I hope for more conan years to come. If this game will be lost or not, we cannot do anything about it, no matter how many persons are here in this forum cannot represent the games player global. I can easily tell you that here in this forum we are just a backet of sand in a beach :wink:.