Console players still not receiving an acceptable amount of attention

This post is not an attempt to start a huge debate or to target a bunch of hostile anti funcom posts so I implore ppl to keep it civil in here. I have noticed over the last 3 and a half years that console users do not receive anywhere near the attention from Funcom that pc users do. I’m not talking about being behind pc for updates, content or patches etc but just in these forums in general. Most of the console bug reports just don’t get a reply. It’s gotten blatantly worse over the years and tonight I thought I’d voice my discontent at the issue. These photos speak volumes and it’s not an isolated incident it happens regularly.

This is the pc bug report section

The ps4 bug report section

And the Xbox bug report section.

Unfortunately it shows clearly where Funcom have decided to spend the vast majority of their time and efforts and it’s just straight up not fair.
It’s right there for everyone to see that support for console is nowhere near on par with pc.
I would kindly request that Funcom and their @Community make good with repeated recent promises to communicate better with console users and appoint a community manager for consoles who will show as much dedication to their task as Ignasis does for the pc users.
Kind regards Dark.


Batalla perdida :wink: Funcom Abandono a la Comunidad. (sale tarde, falsas promesas y encima deja servidores OFF, el doble de Bug, etc.) La Verdad es que en la Consola no les pueden Robar ideas porque es el juego Original sin mod, en PC pueden robar esas ideas y convertirlas en €€$$. Hace una Semana Ignasis dio a entender que encontrar el Error de los Servidores Jce.C inoperativos y mando un mensaje de tranquilidad y apoyo, a día de hoy siguen igual los servidores. La estrategia de siempre, mandamos falsas esperanzas y la comunidad se relaja hasta ver que el tiempo pasa y todo sigue igual, otro mensajito relajador y a seguir vendiendo el juego Roto en la STORE que eso nunca falla.

My guess is that bug reports on consoles don’t get replies nearly as often because the consoles are behind and the majority of those bugs are known issues and already resolved (for PC) just not yet patched on consoles. :woman_shrugging:

Basically from all the bugs, there are probably 1-2 that are console exclusive e.g. the issue with co-op on ps4 or the missing nudity and they were both acknowledged by Funcom rather promptly.


Recognized but repaired? to wait another year. I am a PC and Console gamer. And my ACTIVE Community is Console. that’s why I don’t understand how this game is capable of Separating Users in this way. We are ALL players and they have the same right, right? Do you know any other game capable of updating before on one platform and leaving another outdated one? Neither PS3 does that with the current PS4, much less PS4 with PS5 that share the same game.

If this is the case than where is a quick message from funcom to say so? Most of Ignasis replies to pc users are just a short message along the lines of “thanks for reporting this, we have sent it to our team to have a look at”. This sort of basic acknowledgement let’s users know that someone has seen their report or cry for help and is reassuring that even though maybe not immediate, support for their particular issue is at least being looked into.


Would it help though? I have seen some complaints that basic acknowledgement might be fine if this is the first time the issue has been reported but people tend to get frustrated and demand explanation if after this basic acknowledgement their issue wasn’t resolved in the next patch. In addition, there are a lot of duplicate reports on the forums (PC section included), many of the issues have received acknowledgement at one point or another in one of the many threads.

For example, should the bugs reported in the PS4 section be treaded as new bugs if they have already been acknowledged in the PC section?


be thankful the game is even on console. The games quality took a hit just so consoles could have it.

i can only imagine but console bug report threads not getting replies would be because console is on older patches in which most bugs have been fixed so whenever you get said updates it’ll get fixed. can’t really say that excuses the lack of replies but im sure they’d go something like this “yeah we’re aware and it’s been fixed in a patch for console 6months ago you guys will get it soon™”

i’d imagine most people would come to that conclusion as well.


Hey every1, I’m new to this but not to the game. I dont know how to create a topic or talked about what happend to us so plz help me out.

I’ve been on server 3821 for the past year and yesterday was a disaster for our clan as we got our Yof manifestation of zeal stolen (514 of them).

I might be wrong but is that even possible or was it a glitch and if glicth, whats the steps i should be talking.

Thanks for your help and support!


To be fair after playing PC version and learning about the game I did not even know Foods gave diff heal amounts because on Multiplayer it never updates the healing amount displayed… So I kept using crappy foods.

This game is very buggy in the most simple of ways at times. I do wish better for you console players as I know things are worse off, but Funcom has a History of this. Check out any of their MMO’s. They create a lot of times in the past some amazing niche stuff, but always fail on polish.

Like Sandstorms not syncing in MP always been a bug from what I can google for ages with multiple reports and no fixes… There is a bloody mod to fix it and he even sent the code to Funcom and they did not care. This the sort of issues you deal with sadly.

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The version of Conan Exiles that consoles should have, is the state of the game BEFORE the northern update. That means on Console the furthest north you can go is just before it starts to turn green. This means no jungle to the east as well. And Siptah would be right out entirely.

That is the size of the map and the complexity that consoles reliably can handle. But with the northern update, the jungle, DLCs, and all the new systems added since Early Access is beyond what the consoles were capable of.

If they continue to even support consoles going forward, expect them to stop supporting at the very least the PS4 and its Xbox equivalent for PS5 and such.

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I cant see funcom telling their existing console customers “well, thanks for your money but we’re going to go spend it on PC and hang you out to dry”


It does not matter that it makes pc version take a hit. It does not matter if the bugs are reported on pc already. I can only imagine that most ppl commenting here don’t run their own business. I do, and greeting a paying customers complaints or concerns with utter silence is a very poor business ethic. I understand that funcom has millions of customers and that replying to everyone of those is impossible. It’s the distance between support levels I’m referring to. Funcom sold Conan on console. That’s not the fault of console users. You can’t sell numerous versions of a product and simply not stand behind one or more versions. There are plenty of duplicate reports in the pc section that still manage to garnish attention enough for a basic reply. I’m sorry but all of these reasons are not enough. Why have a section for console players on the forum if so few entries are even acknowledged.

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And this thread is exactly why I don’t think Funcom should respond, at all.

Utter silence? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to turn this into a “anti-Funcom” thread? Cause that statement is straight up lying with intent.

How on earth do you come to that conclusion? Lots of business have some questionable areas that could do with improvement mate. I’m not bashing away I’m merely stating a simple fact. It Is not a good way to behave as a business. That’s not even up for debate. And it’s definitely not being anti funcom, I’m a supporter but I don’t think they are perfect.

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You do have a point. If anything, similar bugs should just be merged over with a note that says “hey console players, we hear ya. We’re consolidating into a single thread for bug tracking.”


PC gets can get updates right away… so it seems like they get all the love. You see faster response time, do to this. It feels heavly leaning on them.

That being said… as Console player since Atari… and PC gamer back long enough to Lineage I and Runescape…

PC games(that are clearly PC games 1st), that get ported to Console… on a huge margin get treated like ****.
This isn’t just Funcom, Its every company who makes mosty PC Games. Its not a Funcom Issues, and its everybody issue.

As Console Player, there is a Set Bar in Quality. That is just so much higher then PC. (Again, has no wait period, you can play pre-Alpha games from get go half time)

What else touch on…

I think alot of it is Community pushing and wanting… and what Funcom can deliver. Or what the Communtiy “Demands” and what can be done about it. I Don’t expect every Console user to understand how Sony/MS handle patches. So I think alot of complaints topics are …over board.

I’d love to See Funcom testing process for Consoles be alot better… (like holy ****, are you even trying) is my general thought.

PC Community, can for most part get broken updates and patches and be fine with it, its part of culture and in part the reason you own a PC. You are, and in fact Guinea Pigs and often except this.

Console users, Get Full Release Games, that work. (well…use to, Day 1 patch fad needs to be fixed)
Funcom whole Broken Patch Process just does not work here. I’m not sure on there Testing Process for Consoles… but it needs a massive Improvement as a Whole.

If Conan Exiles was in Beta…(Consoles) and this happen, I’d wave my hand and be fine with hot fixes over few week period. Cause…Beta.
On Full Release Game… I just can not under stand why its this BAD.

I doubt it, I just think how they handle and test it is out of whack.

I also think, since Ps4 section gets multi topics on same issue, cause to many users are lazy read front page or search the issue. So alot of them don’t get responses since 1st or 2nd topic got the response.

I wanna type more…but my good damn ceiling is leaking… yays… T_T there goes my day.


I’m sorry to sound argumentative I really am, but to say that consoles should be stuck at a unequivocal version to pc is a load of crap. Funcom crossed that bridge when they ported to console.

As far as the topic at hand. I don’t think they need to reply to every thread but a nice pop I. To give status reports and acknowledgement of the most talked about things would be appreciated IMO.


According to the peeps in the thread, they’ve already seen it. You’re preaching to the choir here. Feel free to convince them it hasn’t happened. I personally don’t see a point to.

I can’t speak for all, only myself and I certainly don’t feel as though funcom are hanging console users out to dry, not at all. But when people like Croms_faithful who funcom themselves have recognised as being an individual that has done a lot for the forums and conans community in general cannot garnish any attention or acknowledgement off Funcom for nearly 4 days now over two seperate posts about a major bug affecting ps4 single player despite numerous tags to Community whilst the pc bug forum has had many replies over many posts in the same time I tend to see a problem. I’m only asking for them to maybe have a look at the way they handle these forums. Not stamping my feet just asking. I’m never shy about calling out what I perceive to be an issue. I thought I had treaded carefully enough to avoid this post being taken the wrong way but I have obviously failed there. As for your comment about dropping ps4 support, and I’m probably going to cop flak here but I agree. Nearly all the performance issues I suffered on ps4 are simply not an issue on ps5. The game runs smooth as butter in comparison. It’s obvious that despite their well meaning and countless attempts the hardware of old gen consoles just does not suit the game. If concentrating on new gen would mean that funcom could free up assets enough to better support the console version than I’m all for it. ( Sorry to those still on old gen ) in any case I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Did he submit a bug report on the issue in the requested format in the bug report section for ps4? Funcom rarely comment in topics in general discussion/suggestions.

Is this the bug report we are talking about:

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