Console players still not receiving an acceptable amount of attention

Did he submit a bug report on the issue in the requested format in the bug report section for ps4? Funcom rarely comment in topics in general discussion/suggestions.

Is this the bug report we are talking about:

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Yes that is the one. He has photos, a very precise explanation of the problem and at least two tags to Community in the report. There is like triple the amount of information for funcom to look at. Unlike this pc bug report with very little information, no pics or videos yet garnered attention within a day.

I’m not being unreasonable. It’s just a thing that the pc side of the forum is answered more frequently and faster than the console side does.

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And just to be clear I’m not saying funcom shouldn’t be as active in the pc section as they are. Ignasis does a wonderful job and It’s fantastic that they are so quick to answer reports even if it’s just a token message. I merely wish for the same for console.


I did not know you had this post and I would have put mine here. totally agree with you @Darkzombie


Hey there,

We’re proceeding to close this thread, not before adding some clarification.
Our activity on the forums doesn’t have any relation to the amount of work put into a platform or lack thereof. To give more insight on the small sample taken on the initial thread, from a single day, which was taken to form the conclusion that fueled this post, on a Monday there is a backlog of three days of messages to read, and in case of reports, to relay to the team.

Ideally, we would answer or address every single topic, but in reality we have to focus on achieve the most of it until our work day is over. In this case, we focused on PC reports since it is an actively developed build at the moment. We are ironing out 2.4.1, which will be updated shortly with 2.4.2. These fixes and updates will then come to consoles in the upcoming parity patches. In the same way that when we recently released a Testlive build, we would prioritise the reports coming from that section before considering moving to the live PC and console forum if our schedule allow for it.

We do pay attention to the console forums, and we scout for potential issues that currently only affect those builds. For instance, on PS4, the coop bug that we fixed today, or the nudity and infinite loading screen, which have been acknowledged previously and being worked on.

Regarding the launch of Siptah on consoles, it has been previously announced that it would come once we’re out of Early Access. Isle of Siptah is still, as of this day, in Early Access, with 2.4 adding more landmass, NPC camps and activities to what will become the release version of this DLC. Once we have locked the date, we will announce it for all platforms. We’d like to thank your patience and support until we’re ready to make that announcement.