Communication please Funcom

Hey to the staff at Funcom. I hope your all doing well in this crazy time. I understand your busy. Im sure working efficiently right now has obviously been affected by the dreaded c19.
That said, Console players really need your attention and help.
The game is virtually unplayable right now on official servers. Considering our investment in the game, I’m extremely insulted by the lack of progress and communication in regards to fixing the issues. That is a breach of our consumer rights as the product doesn’t work.
We love the game we just wish to play. Please help :pray: @Community

Can you be a little more specific, I play on ps4 servers mostly pve. I can confirm that there are certain bugs in different servers but it doesn’t lead me to the point that I can’t play. I can even tell you that 3728 is not so populated right now and the bugs are really low. So if you play pve you are very welcome there. My players name is Bella (my dog), and my clan is farm & Build. Cu :wink:.


I am pretty sure the lawyers that wrote the TOS that you agreed to abide by are snickering right now. This is the new reality in gaming apparently. Accountability? Doen need no stinkin accountability!


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