Where is the general Statement of Funcom to all the Issues

Why is this game unplayable for some Players? Why is there no Statement to workin progress. Funcom, do u know I paid money for this game i cant play since a week? Is this the a new Trend to realse unfinished games? Truth is, i paid money for a game to play another 1.


Their statements are usually done through twitter, here’s the link to all the devs accounts. You should ask them throught it since they seem to be pretty active on twitter.


at least they are active there, but wait

nothing on Twitter

why cant they give some news here? im not into cancerous socialmedia…


We do. We make pinned posts here for things that need to be known or announced. I advise you check the pinned posts for the platform you’re looking information for. We are aware of the existing bugs that still need to be fixed and are working on it. We just released a ton of servers due to player feedback. We also released a hotfix for PS4/Xbox last week, and a patch to PC this week. Launch was only a week ago so we’re working as best and quickly as we can to fix existing issues. Once the parity patch goes out for consoles, I can certainly make a Known Issues list. But me, Jens, Andy, GMs, and the moderators will continue to answer questions as best we can here.


we do not need new servers caus we cant even connect.
come on u know that issue otherwise u would have asked some questions like lan/wlan, firewall ports isp etc.
me is also working as a supporter for an ISP
but your support is lame


decay unsnapped foundations please FAST like 12 hours timer.


As symonator said, we are in the same tribe on official pvp, and our enemies, a tribe of 10 came to our base and spammed foundations all over the place which limits our expansion and blocks off resource nodes. On top of that its also extremely lame and game/immersion breaking. You guys literally created a wonderful game which can be 10x better still. If only this stuff gets addressed, I will be a happy man

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its funcom all they want is $$ fixes will come waaaaaaaaay later unless they lose them $$ i swear i love this game but the lag on my server is terrible


You mean the big “Updates and Support” section of the forum at the top, that has Patch Notes pinned at the top of that, going over everything they’ve fixed, or are working on? Even a whole section for each platform?

Or the “How to get Help” pinned post?

RTFM. :thinking:

Oh, and fast fixes are sloppy fixes. Fix one thing fast for one petulant voice, and 100 more will cry about something else it broke. Fixes require triage to ID the cause, then triage to determine how to fix without breaking something else, then testing, usually more triage after that, and then finally… release to the general public.


The game has so many bugs that we could write a bible with It. I Love this game and ALL this “off challenges” we get, make we Love It more.


I do agree with what you are saying, issue is most foks here are probably only looking for issues with the PS4 and not drilling into the master races menu :rofl: Be good to have a link for the patch notes for PS4 here for those who cant be bothered to look :smile:

With every game release its always the same. Some people find bugs and think that developers should be fixing those on the same day.

With Conan, I find it especially funny because from all game of its genre (Ark, 7DaysToDie and so on) its far the most polished release I have seen so far. Some of the other games even have less quality after 1-2 years of release and several patches.

So as with every game: Stay calm. Help the developers by reporting bugs. Be as detailed as possible with your bug description. Try searching the forum if you bug has already been mentioned and contribute to that posting with more details or at least the info that you can confirm this bug (this helps developers prioritizing bugs)

Developers are working hard and are usually full of work and things to do especially around release time.


i am with u seitenwerk
but what if u can not even play the game because i cuts down your PSN?

Cant say anything about that. But from around 20 players i know who play Conan not a single one had any problems with server or game connections. (which doesn’t say anything about that the problems don’t exist) The interesting question would be “how many are affected”? Cause the impressions you get on forums or internet in general are usually pretty much biased or wrong. Could be less than 5% of players having connection issues and you would get the impressions that its more around 90% just by reading all those topics here.

Anyway, if you are affected, then you could at least think about going offline/solo or rent you own server. The latter beeing the best solution anyway, as you will also eliminate any problems concerning full servers, low latency and so on and the server cost are pretty low (only a few cent per slot)

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u did not get the issue. i see 0 servers. why should i rent one?
and if iam the only one affected doesnt matter to me
i cant play the game.

If you have problems with lost PSN connection on server list, that probably has to do with your network provider. I have seen someone on a german forum talking about this problem and the reason was his network provider. Seems like his provider had a IP6 implementation that wasn’t supported by sony and led to this problem in Conan. He got his account “downgraded” to normal IP4 and now his server list works like it should.

If possible, try the following quick fix: use your phone to create a hotspot and connect you ps with it. Go into the server list and see if it works now. Once servers are loaded or once you joined one, you can try to switch back to your normal network connection. You can then try to connect to thsi server if it is saved in your history or fav list.

Another Tip: If your connection gets lost while on the server list, thats also probably because the list is so big, that the server search leads to this error. Be aware that the search will not abort when you go back to the main screen. That means in case the search is running and you go back to the main screen and back to the server search list, you just made the problem much worse. So after booting up the game, open the server search and stay there. I dont know if filtering the list helps or if it still needs to check every server.

To answer another question - if you rent your own server, you can use direct connect by IP, rather than the server browser at all. This was a hard learned issue by many during EA.

This is called cgnat, most ISPs aply this measure to get back ipv4 becouse longo Ago ipv4 is expired to be delivered…so this cgnat generate some point-to-point connection issues wich is client-server or client-client. Just call your ISP and Tell them to rollback to ipv4 using the argument that are affecting ur connection point-to-point

PS: make sure ur connection is NAT type 2 at least. U can check that at ur PS4 network status.

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Okay so have you interviewed all your 20 friends about the problems they’re experiencing? Or do you maybe have a bad impression yourself about everyone’s personal status?
Funcom released one of the world’s most unperformant pieces of code with their server browser. And with the fact that it’s known since day one ( 14 months ago? ) it makes it a awful greedy move to release it on another much more restricted platform without changing anything.
Now they’re pushing out hotfixes and it actually helped a lot for me. It’s just too late.
Another hotfix is the invisible enemy problem, which by no means can have gotten below the radar of a quality assurance team. This got hotfixed too with introducing other spawn bugs, but at least they’re visible now.
Taking worse releases to compare too, of course. Because if you go to the hospital for an examination and they accidentally amputate your leg, you just say hey I’ve heard about people dying so it’s all good.
Some people might be having this retarded view of life I guess.
And if you buy some chocolate and get rotten poop it’s all fine for you because hey, we have heard of other people getting nothing?
Bad examples you might think? Then I can’t help you unless you can explain why you think it’s okay to sell crap in the gaming industry and try hard praising it with looking at worse examples instead of measuring by your own expectations and what others expect of you when you go to work.
To suggest someone playing offline is a weird thing too if there is no sarcasm intended. And renting a server without a working server browser is in all honesty weird too.
You are right with the ipv6 issue. It could of course theoretically have been foreseen by a multi million dollar company, but I’m not angry at this as there is a solution for this. What makes me angry is releasing a server browser that with thousands of pings breaks the whole network connection, since day one. PC got a workaround by just changing a setting, make some research and you see it’s true. And hopefully also see that this release is questionable.
No bad feelings to you, appreciate your optimism. But critique where it belongs.

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