Funcom: any comments?

This is a real question, not trying to flame anyone.
I have been looking in social media and such, but have not found any comments from Funcom yet.
I am starting to feel pretty Cyberpunked already.
Anyone know if there are any official comments about the 3.0 PS4 release?


Don’t hold your breath. Weekend is pretty much around the corner.


Yes, especially on ps4 things are really… anyway!
I believe we will have a hot fix!


Not intended as an insult,
Is this your first major update on the PS4 with this game? The current issues, while definitely on the egregious side, are not outside of the realm of what has happened historically with updates, especially on the PlayStation side. Mind you, XBoX users were left with utterly unplayable game for months after one update…
And while the current problems are not by any means acceptable, they are not entirely outside of the realm of what has come before.


I played 2018-2019, then came back about a month ago. Never seen anything like this before.
Let’s just hope there is a hot fix on its way, and that this took them by surprise.



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You missed some of the other very bad ones then.
For awhile, during the Siptah pre launch, consoles were basically left out to dry with any bugs existent. For many XBox players, this left a data overflow bug that rendered the game completely unplayable for months on end. PlayStation wasn’t exactly in a good place either.
For some crash related bugs, patches would fail to certify through Sony and thus be delayed for several weeks.

So while the current situation is bad…
It’s not the worst in recent years.

That statement is not meant to hand wave that how things are now is ok.

Seriously, making previous dlc purchases invisible is not a good way to roll out the new and more expensive transactions…


OK, let’s do some feedback in this thread that may help devs!

  1. I crush in the effort to visit the bazzar and I didn’t manage to buy the battle pass yesterday!
  2. Derketo beds are invisible, as too many dlc foundations, however you can walk on them!
  3. Really slow render, more than 3 minutes on official servers!
    I had more complaints yesterday in the chats I participate, so I will try to add more later.
    However, it works, I played in 3740 that I have nothing but a horse and I did my first round. I really enjoyed battle, didn’t like the new walking a lot but I’ll get use to it, it took me some time to understand that dismount and release are now circle and not triangle (damn habits difficult to get use to).
    What i loved the most is that I was calling my horse close and it was coming next to me…
    For this only, I love you a million, THANK YOU!!!
    My precious @Community please move this thread to Playstation discussion, so you’ll take all the feedback you need.
    Beautiful update, congratulations, looking forward to loose my sleep again running around the exile lands.
    Love you thank you!

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