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I don’t get what is wrong with the funcom, i understand you all are busy and etc but if you on stream promising players that update will come on end of March for ps4 players then please do it or other wise don’t say anything about upcoming updates. Peoples paying money for the servers and dlc and they expecting to get what they been promised to. Not just wait for updates which never coming. You care more about pc players then console and for what. Pc players way more lag then ps4 players don’t know about xbox players but don’t forget not everyone playing on pc. If you care more about pc players then should been make game exclusive only for pc not for consoles uswel. So please do what you promised or don’t give false information. No one will want waiste money on game which is already have so many issues with server crashes and other lags problems, game released since 2018 and still no progress on lag issues. Shame on you guys.


As you probably already know pc can be patched on the fly without much warning
Sony and Microsoft have to review all updates. Believe me I am looking forward to the release too.

But it is that they do not deign to answer themselves … that is the shame.
We request communication with the console community

I understand being anxious for the update. I am too. But people freaking out and saying they are upset if the end of month deadline comes and goes without the update need to be careful. I have played lots of games where we are dying for news about timing of updates and they won’t give even an estimate. Why, because the community freaks out if they say an update is coming on a certain date and miss it. As a result the devs don’t even give a ballpark of when the update is coming. I would rather have a date and have them miss it, then no idea at all. Just saying


Sorry but the game is 3 years old. They know the system and should have planned better. If it truly is a fault of BOTH Sony and Microsoft dragging their feet…then it shouldn’t be that hard to get one little question answered…WHEN, as in date, was the update submitted for final certification approval? Now take bets on if this will get answered. I have defended Funcom many many times. This one I can’t. It was poor planning.

They may want to have competence test because they don’t seem to be competent at all!

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I’m with you. RUST is releasing on console May 21st. I have already preordered and ready for something new. I’ve been playing Conan for almost 4 years. My builds have not decayed and sad to say I may let them decay and move on to RUST. I need something a little more exciting. Funcom has a great game. They just don’t do enough for the players. They could be doing live events. They could have a store for people to buy clothes or rare items. I’m just bored.

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